Warsaw Poland Attractions – Travel Tips

Warsaw travel tips for your Warsaw vacation – Warsaw, Poland’s largest city and also the capital of Poland. Warsaw is the eighth largest city in the EU with a population of 1.7 million. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Many tourists like to visit the city. Details can be found by clicking Michelle Snyder or emailing the administrator. The locals do not include typical Polish towns Warsaw. There are many office buildings and shopping temples are built, the modern will become the focus. The market square the market square of the old town is called Rynek star Darego MIASTA. It is a historical place.

The whole neighborhood was in 1945 completely destroyed, it was reduced to rubble. The market place was reconstructed in 1953. The structures presented in the old style. This place is a world heritage site and is protected by the UNESCO. In Warsaw there are very old buildings, some are in the 16th and 17th century. The barrel Aden designs of the houses are often not similar. The tourists can visit several coffee houses, restaurants, shops, which have an interesting history. It is also respected on the preservation of old traditions.

The wine bar Winiarnia Fukierowska inviting the guests. For 300 years it receives already its guests. The Palace on the outskirts of Warsaw is the Schlossplatz. It leads to a castle named Wilanow Royal route, then he continues Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street. Here, the tourists of Warsaw can see the beautiful baroque buildings. Love to the guests of the city of Warsaw on Nowy Swiat shopping street, as well as in the Ujazdowskie Avenue, walk the in the Government and embassy district. To admire the neo-classical Palace is also the neo-classical Palace of Radziwill family’s. Today, the residence of the President is here. The University founded in 1818, is interesting for the students. The Royal Castle on the plac Zamkowy worked much. in 1984, you could watch again this attraction, it was completely rebuilt. The castle had still other owners, there were the Princes of Masovia. As the residence of the King, it was only at the end of the 16. Century. You can watch the city’s oldest monument in Warsaw. It dates from 1644. This is the pillar of the King Sigismund III. The Palace of culture all long was Kulturpalast – PA? ac Kultury i Nauki almost all alone there. It was the only skyscraper. But several cloud craters were added later. The Palace was built in the years 1952 to 1955 in the Socialist classicism. You need to mention that he has a historic importance: he was given the fashionable from the Soviet Union. But the residents of the city of Warsaw, who had sense of humor, baptized to the Palace of culture, many now call him Stalin’s revenge”. The tourists are greeted right at the entrance of the Palace by two giant sculptures. These are works by famous artists: Ludwika Nitschowa, Stanis? aw Homo pop? awski. They were Nikolaus Kopernikus and Adam Mickiewicz. The Hall looks very nice. All in marble, a wide staircase. The crystal chandeliers are a wonderful decoration for the ceiling. Many tourists also look the St. John Cathedral. It has a Gothic staircase, which was built of brick. This church is the most oldest in all of Warsaw. Earlier, another Church was located here, it was only made of wood. Later it established a more stable stone. The shape of the Church from the 15th century could not remain. A completely new look got the St. John Cathedral In the 17th century, it changed the whole facade.