In the first part of the article What engine to choose for the site (part 1) I reviewed a few interesting free, and most importantly reliable engines to create a full website. In part, I considered Vautour has 3 free engine well proven among saytostroiteley. So, the next engine will Slaed CMS. This system is captivates at first sight its neat design and speed of loading pages. And not for nothing that the system is based on a very popular, but already obsolete engine PHP-Nuke, which has always been famous for their speed. Initially, the engine is present on the official site in 2 versions, differing only in some capacity. For the first site is fine for free version of the engine with which you can create a simple website or a homepage in just a couple of minutes.

One of the advantages of the system is convenient administration panel, where even a beginner can easily understand. Writing articles, news, download files – all this is done with a single click. The engine can be easily integrated with popular engine forums, and online there are more plug-ins enhance the engine. Slaed CMS constantly developed and improved, and all questions about installing and using the engine can be posted on the official site, which I have indicated above. In general, I would recommend this system especially for beginners, where they can hone the basic skills that are useful for more complex and expensive engines. Another engine in the first place will be interesting for people who want to create your own blog (online diary). Name of the engine – WordPress. Despite the bias toward the engine building blogs. The system has long been acquired many plugins that can help you build a website of any complexity and unique design. Official Site – The official website of the engine can be downloaded in 2 options: either the actual 'clean' version of the engine, a version with built-ins Russian speakers that can look preferable.