Yandex Federation

So we waited. There was the rf zone. Finally, after so many years of trial and testing, began registration of domain names band rf. Details can be found by clicking Wells Fargo Bank or emailing the administrator. There is no need to type in the word Yandex dot Ru Latin, Cyrillic is now, and the triumph great and mighty. First, register all the state names, names of state institutions, administration and so on. The site with the name of the Russian Federation Kremlin point you to register will not turn out, is already too late.

April until the twentieth two thousand and ten public registration area of the Russian Federation is closed. This is done in order to truly could calmly and leisurely to register a domain Kremlin point of the Russian Federation. Further, all registered organizations included in the unified register of legal entities on the basis of brand names, trademarks. Further, the twentieth of April, all anyone can afford to change his name not Cyrillic. For prices until early to say, but within the first few weeks of public registration prices will pleasantly shock, a million for the domain, is quite real, since registering the name of the online store of the Russian Federation, even for a million, depending on the success and experience entrepreneur, he will pay for itself in the coming months, and maybe even a week. So with April twentieth begin the real fight for the domain name zone of Russia, then in the successful implementation and how the practice will be py-lishes zone, and so on.