International analyst tempers in the U.S. are very volatile. In the past two months Giuliani, Huckabee and McCain topped the polls for the Republican nomination. Romney, thought that he could come to such a place. He is the spokesman for large investors calling for lower taxes and environmental controls. He has been the candidate more millions has put. Its 6 million Mormons co-religionists supported him with everything (that is why Utah Romney wiped out 90% of the votes, percentage unequalled in this campaign).

He kept a good second place winning 4 million votes and in 11 States (figure only slightly surpassed by McCain). However, McCain won in the biggest squares (California, New York, Florida) where all delegates are going to win at the State or district level and, despite having less than 40% of the votes, approached 60% of the delegates elected. Romney estimated that it would be very difficult and expensive to bridge the divide with (who doubles him in delegations) and that more revenue could cause him to appear as Unit calling out to be rows to take advantage of the democratic division. To succeed Romney needed to be dividing the moderates (but they joined when Giuliani endorsed McCain) and conservatives to devote him (but the evangelists of Huckabee don’t want to transact with a mormon, whose proselitista Church, which they see as one greater than the Catholic or Jewish competition). Romney sought to lead the more intransigent against gays, those who miscarry and illegal, although before he was more conciliatory to them when he was Governor of liberal Massachusetts. Huckabee, after having undermined Romney within the religious right now may find that this will support McCain, on condition that he accepts some of their ideas or iron teammate.

Now Slide

Metallux MetPot slide potentiometer are represented for many years successfully on the market. Metallux MetPot slide potentiometer are represented for many years successfully on the market. With these sensors, for example, be measured translational and Rotary movements in machine and plant construction, as well as increasingly in the automotive. While the MetPot slide potentiometer because they characterized building just a very long service life. Slide potentiometer consist of a thin film to a high-impedance resistance is printed, and a collector film with a low-impedance path of the collector.

Substrate and foil are separated by a spacer, the spacer. A mechanical pressure piece brings the resistance layer with the collector in contact. The grinder system of classical potentiometer is thus replaced by collector slide and saddle. In this way the respective location dependent voltage is accessible off as with any other conventional potentiometer. Wear or abrasion resistance coating can not occur. The Application areas of the slide potentiometer will be extended.

So far, slide potentiometer were built in slide slide technology and characterized by their extremely flat design of less than 2 mm. Only drawback is the relatively high non-linearity of about 1%. At the new generation MetPot film potentiometers the resistance foil is now replaced by a FR4 substrate. This offers several advantages. A, resistor pastes can be used, which allow extremely high service life data from more than 25 million cycles. On the other hand, the use of FR4 head plates material as a carrier allows a linearization of the resistance layer. Linearity values between +/-0.4% (measurement length 50 mm) and +/-0.3% (measuring length 500 mm) are therefore possible. Therefore, the slide potentiometer regarding the accuracy can be quite compared to classic grinder potentiometers. The use of 1 mm thick FR4 head plates material as the basis for the resistance layer in comparison to a thin film has also the advantage that irregularities or Contamination of the substrate does not influence the measurement result.

British North Sea

After the rush disenchantment with another summit storm on the crude oil stock exchanges is being blown off LEIPZIG. (Ceto) After the rush disenchantment with another summit storm on the crude oil stock exchanges is being blown off. Now, after the letztwochigen agreement in Europe and the attached debt dispute in the United States, with almost empty speculators, which began about a month ago, only on the basis of the information in the financial markets that stand to push prices upwards hands there. On 7 July, the prices for North Sea oil (Brent), only because the oil market far data around $ 5 per barrel to the top shot. They could maintain this level until last week. Then came a first burglary, which now continues.

Currently Brent recorded $115 still around 2 dollars above the base level a month ago, in morning trade there to be but again, such as the American equivalent of US light oil (WTI), which is currently less than 93 euros per barrel. The actual supply situation was stable during the whole period. Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, nor the Break a British North Sea pipeline actually contributed to a narrowing. These facts seem to prevail well with investors. Whether this insight lasts, is doubtful, because rising prices, no matter, how they come about, promise easier profits.

Commission Those

I confess that it is the first time that I see to apply the theory of relativity to a purely mathematical concept in accounting. Common sense tells me, that it is morally acceptable to receive a bonus, remuneration or Commission, when one is responsible for positive economic results, saying earnings. But, receive an award when the result is negative, what is known as loss, truly not me close. The only logical explanation I can understand, is that the executives who run the multinational insurer AIG, considered to the rescue arranged by the American administration, which has issued billions of dollars from taxpayers, as a successful operation that amounted to having, since they do not have the intention of restoring it. But it seems that something is wrong: people realized is unworthy, and I izo audience, and to happen, politicians do not stay them another remedy which also shocked. That happened then?: started the play tragicomic call repentance. Representatives of the people put on the t-shirt of the people’s representatives.

President Obama also unworthy publicly but, as it is very newly in Office and no history, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt and believe in his sincerity. Corrupt managers through its President, who had to go to the front and put the face to receive slapping, more sound than painful, she played the role of repentant and, in an act of global caradurez, proposed to return only fifty percent of the stolen (?). So far the facts that will have a reading, as with eyes so they look at them. they read mine? I presume that this case be met because I izo audience, but it should not be the only that happened now and before. The world is waiting for a new trial in Nuremberg since this crisis that is causing so many innocent victims have their guilty in activity or recently retired.

To find those involved, you have to investigate the proceedings by key sectors of the private sphere and also of the public, by his suspected concealment or culpable negligence. That what happened is proof more that the freedom given to them to markets, cannot nor should be extended as if it were a blank cheque. That must clearly delimiting the boundaries and thus channelling the capitalist system in ways that are useful to society and not just to minorities that because you are allowed to speculate large-scale destabilizing to the markets. The above is the minimum basis which will be used to start the reconstruction of the capitalist system, today severely questioned by show weaknesses, that directly affect those who should be its beneficiaries, the common people.

Market Study Output Management

revolutionize electronic documents impact on the sale of personalized mass printing output management market is still largely printed on paper. Many companies print millions of pages every day. Personalized business documents and mailings are the focal points of the production. The trend seems to go in the direction of electronic documents. Many companies such as banks, telecommunications companies and electric utilities, who daily send business documents such as bank statements or even promotional mailings, offer the customer to get his post via file via E-Mail. How will this trend develop? It will be at some point as far as that the printout on paper of the electronic document is outdated? When will this be? Expects you at all? And how would the market behave, if this is true? The author Heinrich Barta in the form of an online survey researched these and other questions. The results of this market study are surprising and were published in a book about the market study: “Market study output management: revolutionize electronic documents: effects on the output management market” # ISBN-10: 3842859287 # ISBN-13: 978-3842859289 the book can also be purchased among others at Heinrich Barta, born in 1963, is employed as technical consultant for the software manufacturer PrintSoft, the leading global provider of integrated software solutions for the creation of highly personalized documents, since 2001. The constantly emerging question whether there will be a transition from paper documents to electronic documents, motivated him to this study. You can reach the author about his mail address


There is much written about how to choose a good name for a new business or company. Here, for example, there is almost a ‘master’ about it – that Yes, in English. There is who has proposed even create an original company dedicated to the search for proper names. Although just a look by the stormy waters of the internet to come up with many, many people dedicated to it. Probably too many. Of course there will always be who is not able to and ask for help from others, either paying for it, well so disinterested. We already know that with internet of by means there are always people willing to lend a hand in almost everything.

Thus in four lines choose a good name is something as ‘simple’ as follow these recommendations: – essential select a short and simple name – also add to itself only describe, not require accessory description – it is interesting to add to the above that somehow stands out the basic features of your product or service not to mention that it is a family name and in common use – of course all this while maintaining congruence with the main dedication of the company – and if in addition to the foregoing, it is easy to pronounce, and above all remember, we then come to ‘nirvana’ of ‘appointments’. You are already looking less strange that there is so many people dedicated to that of finding a good name right?. If persists in the ‘ do-you-same – in this web propose us a procedure to follow with their previous, intermediate steps and other stations of penance. But clear is that also in the 21st century is not going to choose a name that may not match a suitable internet domain, isn’t it? If they seemed few here are more recommendations, this time related to the domain. And many of the most popular brands of today however called as they call almost by chance. According to these sources it seems that Apple is named after that was an Apple fruit that mordisqueaba one of its founders at the time that already not could further delay the choice of name. And whatever they say experts is very likely that if be called peach, (or Peach, in) English,) would be equally famous and known. Therefore not keep selfishly, choose a good names is important, but neither much less is the most important thing.

The Santander

Is also important to save do operations from Internet: implies less costs for the entity, which translates into fewer commissions for the client. Comparison between entities after the recent announcement of Bankia, the Bank resulting from the merger of Caja Madrid and Bancaja (among others), impose new commissions to its clients is inevitable to make a comparison between entities. A Bankimia analysis, a comparer online and independent financial products for private, highlights major differences that there are between nine banks and Spanish savings banks and demonstrates how much to be tested when choosing entity. Their study makes rrencia to products not online with General conditions. For example, to keep an account in Bankia, customers payable beginning August 13 two euros a month (12 euros every six months) if they do not arrive at a balance average 2,000 euros. The same applies in the newly merged Banca Civica, with 12 euros per semester. The Santander charges between 10 and 18 euros every six months also depending on the balance half into account, amounts similar to CatalunyCaixa, another new fusion boxes, which calls for between 10 and 20 euros. Below the six-month average of the market (25,80 euros) also are they placed Banco Sabadell, BBVA, Banco Pastor, La Caixa and Bankinter.

The realization of national transfers currently has a cost average 4.26 euros, more than one euro above the average (3.14 euros) on December 31. Bankia is the institution most charged for this operation (2% with a minimum of one euro), followed by Santander and CatalunyCaixa, who receive 0.40% of the amount transferred. The cheapest is Bankinter, with a 0.25%. The minimums differ according to the entity. Use of ATM the Commission by taking money from ATMs is that more generally concerns citizens. The disposition of asset’scarryingamount at teller machines on the same network represent an average Commission of 1.33%, with a minimum of 0.96 euros. Already within Servired cashpoints network, Bankia charged one euro in all cases; La Caixa and CatalunyCaixa apply a Commission of 1.5% of the amount while BBVA obtains a 1.20%. Bankinter reaches 1%.

Within the network 4B, Banco Santander also applies a 1.20%. Banco Pastor charged 0.60 euros per operation. Most expensive sale to withdraw money at ATMs outside networks: an average of 3.91% with a minimum of 2.97 euros. Withdrawing money at ATMs that are not of Servired, Bankia charges a fixed 3 euros; Banca Civica and Bankinter 4% of the amount; While La Caixa BBVA and Banco Sabadell gain something more: 4.50%. The minimum is different according to the entities. If you perform the operation outside the network 4B, 4% and Pastor a 2.50% perceive the Santander. As for the Commission for using debit cards, the average annual share is 19.25 euros currently. Two years ago was 16,11 euros. Most entities do not charge it during the first year if payroll is domiciled. The most expensive entity in this section is CatalunyCaixa (24), followed by La Caixa (23). Bankia occupies the last place of the nine entities analyzed with 17 euros. Finally, the average cost per entry checks from another entity is 2.92 euros. Bankia receives a 1.80%, being the most expensive of all entities. The rest apply a Commission between 0.20% and 0.50%. Source of the news: abuse the banks with their commissions in crisis?

Elite Link

com allows you to redirect your domain name from your link from affiliate, without additional cost. So when someone clicks on your domain .com in your browser, go to your link from affiliate. The visitor can view the web site with the product to promote, and the commissions will you be assigned correctly. So start earning money by internet only redirecting your customers to the web site of the owner of the product, which will finally buy. The reason why you need a domain name is that it is more memorable and will see more reliable.

Affiliate links tend to be long and arouse suspicions. For example, most of the people prefer clicking the link to in reseller = john. A domain name will make your link of affiliate look like your own web site. So, basically, you’ll have a product to promote and a web site to send people and get commissions and thus make money without actually having your own web site. Step 3: Attracting Web traffic is the main thing to earn money on the Internet in order to make sales and earn money with the product that you promote, what you need is to get visitors to your domain name (with which reenviaras people to the web page of the product that you promote). You can pay for advertising with the hope that the benefit will be greater than the cost of advertising, or you can use free ways to generate traffic. The most effective way to get direct visitors to your domain name free of charge is written, i.e. by submitting articles.

You can write brief articles on the subject related to the product you promote. And at the end of the article include your author biography and your link with the name of your domain. Then send your articles to multiple web sites (articles directories), which allow you to publish your articles, provided your link. Your articles will be published in many places on the Internet, and it will be the way to advertise your link from affiliate, free of charge for you and more likely to earn money with the product online. People will read your articles, what you have to say and they will click on the link for the name of your domain, and you are ready to buy and you ready to make money. Once you begin to receive regular sales of your items, you can return to step 1 and find another product to promote using this strategy. After a while, you will have a source of income on the Internet without even having a website. Success in your business, Victor Quisocala resource recommended: If you want to make money professionally in this way a course affiliated Elite the artists of this earn course are over 20 thousand dollars the month only recommending products from other people, if you want to be a Super Affiliate can acquire that course by clicking here.

VSHEW Energy

Experts from Germany and Denmark will present solutions for the storage of cold, heat, hydrogen and wind energy Husum, 08.03.2013 – for the first time, Messe Husum held a memory forum for regional utilities and renewable energy industry professionals on March 22 in the framework of the new energy Husum trade fair. The exhibition makes the five-hour event together with the industry and Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Holstein Schleswig and the Association of Schleswig-Holstein energy and water management (VSHEW) in Husum. The number of participants is limited, the registration deadline is March 18. The visit to the Forum is free of charge after registration. Memory is the key to the energy revolution the success of the energy turnaround depends of the further development of the storage technologies”, says Peter Becker, Managing Director of Messe Husum and Congress. We are pleased that we could put together an interesting program together with our partners, the experts from Germany and Denmark the current status and future Developments of the various storage technologies explain.”can the new memory technologies compensate imbalances between production and the consumption of renewable electricity”, Dr. Dieter Perdelwitz, Managing Director of the VSHEW explains. Because the electricity is always remote, this theme for us as stakeholders of the medium-sized city and municipality works is becoming increasingly important.” In addition to the VSHEW, speakers from politics, business and science of energy transformation in the heat sector inform at the Forum.

In addition, they present solutions to store cold and hydrogen, as well as research projects and batteries as storage element for wind farms. The event will take place from 10:30 to 15:30 in room 2 of the NordseeCongressCentrums (NCC) in Husum. All lectures will be simultaneously translated from German into Danish. The complete program of the energy storage Forum can be found here: de/kongress/events/energiespeicherforum.html about the new energy Husum has become the new energy Husum in recent years as one of the most important fairs in the field of renewable energies. Since 2002 serves as a stage for a decentralized energy generation on the basis of all renewable energies. The themes and techniques range in detail from small wind (up to 100 kW), about biogas, solid biomass (Pellet, wood logs and wood chips for heating systems), solar thermal, photovoltaic, electric mobility up to the geothermal energy near-surface, energy storage, energy-efficient construction and operation of mini CHP. From 21 to 24 March 2013 back experts and leading manufacturers in the Frisian city Husum meet to pave the way for necessary innovations in a rapidly growing market. Contact: Messe Husum & Congress Catherine Diethelm am Messeplatz 12-18 25813 Husum Tel.: + 49 (0) 4841 902 337 fax: + 49 (0) 4841 902-246 email: press contact PR agency Krampitz Iris Krampitz / Lea Schmitz Dillenburg str. 85 51105 Koln Tel.: + 49 (0) 221 912 49949 Fax: + 49 (0) 221 912 49948 E-Mail:

Iberoamerican Forum

Opera buffs have the opportunity tomorrow on August 11 to attend the performance of the opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini by Concerlirica international Opera company. It consists of three acts, with libretto by Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni and was completed by Franco Alfano died Puccini.Opera for the nights of the Forum Iberoamericano is premiered in 1926 at La Scala of Milan and two years later in Barcelona. In development include the phrase In questa reggia, which requires particularly difficult sobreagudos soprano. In the third act is the aria Nessun dorma, which represents the victory of love over hate and that is borne by the tenor. There is also a remarkable confrontation between tenor and soprano in the second Act.

The cast included soprano Elena Skorzova (Turandot), the tenors Gustavo Casanova and Andres Veramendi (Calaf), under Yuri Alexeichuk (Timur), Miki Mori (Liu) soprano and baritone Maksin Ivaschuk (Ping), among others. The directorate-general is borne by Gago Leonor. The price only one of the localities is 20 euros. The organization puts buses free to the Forum, with departures from the door of the Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city, 21: 15 h and 21: 45 h. and return at the end of the show.