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One of the most valuable resources available to the company is its human, capital resource that should not be overlooked, must be attentive to provide all the tools, knowledge that ensures productivity, results, as well as salaries, wages, benefits that guarantee their quality of life. A human resource that must motivate it, integrate it into cohesive teams, give the necessary attention to their requirements and collaboration that favours him efficiently on their performance. SMEs neglect much to this resource and its implications are negative at achievements, productivity, hence the importance of identifying with the responsibility to be attentive to this obligation that benefits the operability of all company. Before this reality and importance has been formulated the following question. QUESTION 5-analyze the current reality of the business sector with respect to the management of human resources, highlighting the main obstacles and propose their solutions in order to have a good planning of resources humans that guarantee productivity and achievements. REVIVED in many writings, comments thereon, found that Venezuelan management recognizes the importance of human resources management, however is aware that little is done in favour of them, especially with regard to their training, development, salaries, benefits and especially motivate them that their initiative, creativity dips.

It cannot be denied, that every organization requires human resources: managers, technicians, administrative, labor and staff technical support necessary to achieve their objectives. Search for competent staff is important to the success of the organization. Therefore the achievement of suitable for each function, activity and post human resources is essential in the process of organization. According to f. Davis, cited by Paez, is to depart from the conception that people is the resource, but recommends that knowledge is, what must truly be considered as the resource to develop, as the unique and true competitive advantage. We agree that knowledge, its management, really generates skills which are very important at the present time, therefore be regarded that the companies to be competitive and give step to products, services that consumer demand, requires a qualified staff, aspect that must not be neglected.

The Administrative

This is the image of women presented by means of communication and that is conditioned by the participation of these during its construction process. As says (Moscovici, 1984) social representations comply with the purpose of transforming a strange world in something familiar, moving clutter and make orderly what appears as chaotic and what is unreal or imagined into something present. In real life this woman and at the time was thus: A twice divorced mother with three children who have difficulties to find a job. Shows us a woman without any kind of training that has failed both at work and in your partner’s life. One adds to this the injustice of a trial by an accident he suffered.

Feels deceived and ignored. However, despite all this, she is passion, emotion and courage. All that is you need to get their three children forward. (It became Miss of the State). The work succeeds by compassion or sense of guilt, the lawyer who fails to take the judicial issue forward. Therefore a secretariat without training are expected no great thing, or if you want to be a good Secretary. Simply that you attend telephone calls, organize files and observe the administrative demands of their jobs. That would have been consistent, rational favouring the practice typical of the firm by which was contracted. But the personal characteristics of Erin are what make change that construction of social thought within the company. Erin is equipped with ideas and feelings, ability to open to ideas and feelings of others and sharing their own, ability, experience and interpersonal risk-taking, skill in helping others to possess their own ideas, the ability to help others to open up, and the ability to help us experience.

Develop Generational Products And Services

New at the HTW Berlin: the extra-occupational master degree programme ambient assisted living beats an apartment that knows when their tenants in danger are alarm automatically in an emergency. A Smartphone, resembling the apartment before leaving the front door keys or the bag. Who does not want to? The need for ease of use by technology or secure everyday is independent of generation, but with increasing age, the desire increases thereafter. So why develop any products that are almost intuitive to use, can be integrated into existing technology and above all affordable? Due to the demographic change will be assigned in the next few years of technology supporting more people to help. So far not enough products and services are developed from the point of view that as many people can use them more fully in different life situations. Whether because of declining eyesight or reduced motor skills. So she starts HTW Berlin the in-service to the winter semester 2013/2014 Master’s degree ambient assisted living. The students learn to develop intergenerational products and services that adapt ideally each changed life situation.

These products and services in all areas of life such as mobility, living, everyday life or work are addressed. The students also practice how the future users and users already can be involved at the various stages of development or a later successful product commercialization would look like. This study is particularly suitable for employed and self-employed persons from the fields of design, engineering, and Humanities, who further want to qualify in the field of product development. The interdisciplinarity and practical relevance of the curriculum is clinics or the Association of German University, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), the Technical College of Wildau and YOUSE GmbH and through supporters such as those by teachers of the HTW Berlin, the Alice Salomon median Machine and plant engineering (VDMA) guarantees. The master’s programme ambient assisted living is offered the HTW Berlin by the Berlin Institute for academic training (BIfAW). Its development was funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research. Also a Tablet PC is included in the registration fees amounting to 3.225 euro per semester in addition to the online scripts. The clearly structured online scripts for self study be completed by block events on-site. All dates are matched to the specific requirements by professionals information on the Internet: Facebook: studierMAAL Twitter:

Person Leadership

The reality of big challenges, changes and opportunities given the economic scenarios, demand from a new management to end lidrazgo ensure participation, otherwise, don’t count on it is very negative for companies, is when weighs not having good leaders, ccambios generators, the not having them prepared to ensure a good turnout of companies before the great opportunities that are occurring. All this leads to the following question 8 ipregunta.-analyze the importance, antecedent, scope, impact, obstacles, of the Venezuelan managerial leadership and its main errors. RESPONSE definitions leadership or leadership means status or quality of leader. It could also be defined as the ability to influence others to do things. Leader: Person who directs or drag a group.

The leader provides the cohesion necessary to carry out the purposes of the group. The remote control is not an individual phenomenon but the result of social interactions. Manager: which directs a company or firm employed. The leader usually choose him according to many attributes of their personality, works in favor of their constituents, their followers, not by a single interest, management, on the contrary does it for the Organization ensuring the interests of this. Background: At the end of the century XVIII came the Industrial Revolution, where transformations occurred in the manufacturing processes, through the introduction of more advanced machinery, which allowed a significant increase in production mainly in the textile sector, which accounted for the appearance of the proletariat (working class) and the rise of an industrial bourgeoisie. At this time arises the managerial leadership where organizations were hierarchical and bureaucratic and the Manager shape to panificar, control, sorting and predict while workers limited to perform the tasks that were sorted them. Venezuela, country with a predominantly oil economy entered in the modern industrial world when it began exporting its oilfield in 1917. In the 1920s starts massive use of the automobile and this increased demand for oil.

University Community Maximo Gomez Ciego

Literature is a contribution to the preparation of young people from the political and Ideological perspective. Showing original and unpublished items sent from the prisons of the empire to the author, also contributing to the formation of values. In a diagnostic method to students and faculty of the University Community Maximo Gomez Ciego de avila it was found that there are still difficulties with the level of information on the case of the Cuban Five and shortcomings with the dissemination through different existing media Headquarters. Situation has arisen as a research problem: the need for further dissemination of the case of the Five Heroes Prisoners of the Empire at the University of Ciego de avila through actions that extend to University campuses and the province and them to bring the creation of a committee on both sides, in order to strengthen the struggle of students and avileno people in general. Is a perceived need to deepen the research process on the cause of the Cuban Five as a way to provide theoretical elements of knowledge to serve our students together with our people, increase the disclosure of the case of the Cuban Five, under the above statement has been decided that the problem to be solved is: How does one promote the process of disclosure of case of the Five Heroes Prisoners of the Empire at the University of Ciego de avila and its projection to University campuses and the province? The purpose of this research study: The disclosure of the case of the Five Heroes Prisoners of the Empire at the University of Ciego de avila. .

Western Europe

Here you could undertake a lengthy journey through human history, from Nimrod first King of Babylonia, until Hussein, the dictator fallen from Iraq or Babylon, passing by a long trail of names and places, bloods, abuses and failures ranging from classical tyranny to the totalitarianism of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, without exempting the military and civilian dictatorships in the third world disguised as democracy, Islamic theocracies nor great warlords of Latin America. All overwhelmingly popular, all justified with good reasons, and all of them finished in disaster. But we can save the depressing recento. Concentrated power has always just wrong for two reasons. First because the good decisoonbes need to be based in reason or the best argument in each case, and no one has the monopoly of knowledge. Secondly, because power without control is unknown or violates the rights of some members of society. The dictatorships and the caudillismos fails because they make disastrous mistakes and the oppressed or excluded rebel. Democracy needs patience to listen and time to dedcidir: why exasperates many.

But the remedy is worse than the disease, as Winston Churchill put it forever: democracy is the worst system of Government, with the exception of all other systems, the proof is in Western Europe or United States: only prevails beyond knowing and just beyond all have rights, everything else is sadness. Today, in much of Latin America democracy is being destroyed in the name of democracy. The dispersion of power it is running with the support of majorities. In some cases impatience against terrorism has prevailed. New warlords concentrate power and re-elected with the general applause of the people, who now light up with nationalism. And why, although many do not see it, or do not wish to see, Latin America will continue to be sadness. Original author and source of the article.

Colombia Free

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