Energy Spheres

This film is charged with energy higher spheres, and watching it very much helped to change many negative developments. Anger, irritability, anger – is the quality of wood, about people with a large number of this element usually say – "a man of complex character" To avoid creating difficulties in understanding should not be in the apartment of many plants, especially in the bedroom is not recommended to place them. Liver, gall bladder, extremities, spine, neck, eyes, all this belongs to the element tree. Of the senses – sight applies to this item. Many of us sit at your computer for very long, his eyes very tired, so eyes to relax, hang stands next to the monitor green leaf or a green background on the monitor, but on condition that the tree you favorably.

It is also worth taking a vitamin A refers to the element tree, it improves vision and reduces irritation to the eyes. Foodstuffs wood element: sour fruits and berries, vinegar, yogurt, fresh herbs, yogurt and fat. Such a diet is only recommended for those with little tree. Color of the wood – green. For example sofa in the green room will relate to this element. The tree produces fire, the highest layer of this world, the layer where the people involved tend to self-development, a layer of enlightened – a layer of fire. In the Bible describes how the Lord appeared before Moses as a burning bush. Psychic and Sensitive people see angels as bright clusters of light.

Congolese Government

The plane was carrying 112 people aboard including passengers and crew. There are 49 survivors of the accident. The Hewa Bora airline listed on the black list of the EU for security reasons. A total of 63 people were killed Friday and 49 saved lives after crashing a plane with 112 passengers on the international airport in Kisangani, in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, said the Congolese Government. The plane, from the Congolese Hewa Bora airline, had left Kinshasa, capital of Democratic Republic of the Congo, and crashed while trying to land near the airport. The accident occurred about 200 meters from the airport of Kisangani during landing amid heavy rain, said governmental spokesman, Lambert Mende, specifying that the rescue operations are continuing. The pilot attempted to land but apparently failed to touch the runway, Papaioannou explained. The airline is contained in the blacklist of the European Union for reasons of Security. Source of the news: at least 63 killed in the crash of a plane in Congo

Benedicto XVI

Would the Church that the concept of Catholic no practitioner would not exist. And that nobody could be interpreted without the clergy the dogmas of Christianity. The Pope, before closing the world youth day (WYD) and fly back to Rome, made it very clear to the hundreds of thousands of faithful who heard him at the mass held at the airfield of four winds without church there are no Christians. Wants Catholics who hear mass, agree and confess. Benedict XVI recalled in his homily that cannot go to Jesus alone.

How to do it is in the communion of the Church. He said in Spain, a country in which 71.7% of citizens are declared Catholic, although only 13.5% goes to mass on Sundays, according to the CIS. A country in the midst of a fierce economic crisis which wished to progress, but without renouncing her soul deeply religious and Catholic. Source of the news:: Benedicto XVI warns that only can follow Jesus in the Church

Opportunity Foreclosure

The narcissist is never going to lose out. Why some people choose couples narcissistic? It seems that the answer to this question is in an important need. The most important thing for these people is to give, and they are willing to give everything to love your man or woman narcissistic. When both are it seems that there is a great chemistry. The sensations are enjoyable, infatuation is assured, but then it leaves incalculable pain traces. With this I do not mean that people with marked narcissistic traits are not partner or they may never establish a relationship. I only intend to describe what happens in a relationship with these dyes. Nor I believe that people, are always and all the time, as well.

What I wish to emphasize, is that if you are in an unsatisfactory relationship, cutting narcissistic, surely things won’t change. So the excessive forms give to the couple, and excessive forms of receiving of the couple, become highly destructive. Because let’s be honest: 1. we all need our spouse to recognize us. 2. All need that our couple return to us in the same way that give.

3. All need that our partner, is also a good reflection for us. 4. All need be listened affectionately by our partner. Would otherwise not be in a relationship as a couple, perhaps we would be elsewhere, but not here but yes Hi I’m Ana Giorgana. I am a psychologist and I have a master’s degree in Psicoanalsis and two therapeutic specialties. I have a center you can visit online at. cecreto. com Collaborated and participated in several radio programs and in some newspapers. Formo therapists and performed some community projects. Blogs similar couples gay, #39; excellent #39; to raise children When one of them loses to nose or ear Blue Like You Oportunidad, Opportunity Foreclosure in Miami. ‘ Condo for sale in the PP will require political to Belloch responsibilities because it leaves Central market: missing State economic games. Hull Las sales retailers in Britain fall sharply in January. Retailers qualify as prudent inflation of 0.3% registered advances, crossing of couples and gay in Botineras guys up for this encounter must be retailers playing with fire of Walter Riso: books Blog

New Entrepreneurs

More frequent errors in the new entrepreneurs All who we have begun in the businesses by Internet, at some time we have committed these errors, the good thing is that when identifying them, we can begin to work in them to leave the circle that to us maintains remote of the success which we looked for. Albert Einstein said " Madness is to continue making the same and hope to obtain results distintos" , comprometete with same you to solve these errors if these committing. 1.* These defocused: When not knowing clearly goals, you do not know where you go, you do not plan nor you have a system. It is important that before lanzarte in a business, you put in writing, That you want to obtain? , Why? , When? ,How? ,Why? , By whom. You want a car? , one marries? , as soon as time? , 1 year, 6 months, ponte I put precise, the time in you want to obtain it and soon the plan comes that you need.

2.* Malgastas your time: You begin the day, reviewing your mail, soon you enter the social networks, you give back messages, you have interruptions, beams too many things simultaneously, have many abiertas pages, in the end the day goes to you and you have not done anything. It begins to be proactive and nonreactive, it creates a work plan, it writes 5 things that you need to do, destinales a time to each, if you do not reach to finish continuous on the following day with I complete point that you fulfilled and returns to make your list, we are beings of rituals reason why if you begin to repeat an attitude, you do in a moment it by custom. 3.* you become paralyzed: A paralysis by analysis exists, you have as much gratuitous information that you get dizzy and you cannot draw clear conclusions, decidete by a mentor, somebody that has obtained what your you want and follows its steps.

Paris Motor Show

The audience appreciated the innovation of Porsche, noting that the 911 – a descendant of 356 models, from which he picked up the basic shape of the body and the aggressive nature of their appearance. The first version of a new six-cylinder engine gave the same power as the Carrera 2 (130 hp). The new model 912 low-power 4-cylinder engine (1582 cc, 90 hp) is quickly becoming the most popular. Porsche Targa with restrictive arc added to the lineup in the autumn of 1966. In the late 1960's wheelbase 911 models is increased by 57 mm. For full compliance with U.S. standards, a 6-cylinder engine is first installed a mechanical fuel injection from Bosch. 1970 Now the power does play a major role: released in September, 6-cylinder 911 again increased the engine capacity to 2341 cc and represented a new range of capacities: 911 T (130 hp), 911 E (165 hp), 911 S (190 hp).

Birth of a legend – the first Porsche Turbo with the code name 930 was released at the Paris Motor Show 1974. Increased spoiler and a powerful engine (260 hp) added vehicle aggressiveness. Subject pride of models that year was, of course, their appearance. On this machine were installed bumper body color with a spring-loaded part of that permitted to retain a relatively small impact on speed. In 1977, there was version with a front engine – Porsche 928. Its V8 engine boasted a U.S. size (4.5 liter, 240 hp). In developing the body designers had three objectives: to obtain high aerodynamic performance, preservation of the characteristics of machines 'Porsche' and the provision of car ageless appearance.