Social Justice

Kentenich, is that faith has a God who knows how to get out of the Tomb!, cuentCon a God that knows sailing against the current, has a Dios Vivo y Vigoroso!, and why when faith was thrown to the dogs that they devour it and when Yaparecia than dogs it would devourThe dogs were those who perished! Are losEnemigos of faith and Christianity that they perish, is in history! CONCLUSIONS and the syndrome of CAINEn the couch of Dr. Freud, someone has to lie down, because against the faith, the dogs ate it is or perished! we’re with God or without God! as Miguel de Cervantes said: Tenir or not Tenir, in the world there are no more than these two lineages can not fight for humanity, without faith! don’t let’s be watermelons!, cuandoActuamos as dried radishes, so jump the couch of Dr. Freud and Asimilemos the lessons of history launch our heart of chest yDejemos that will be standing by! the world!, fight the mob rule by the people, for Social Justice, but do so with faith and God, stop drinking brebajesAdulterados who sell in the taverns of atheism and do justice to nuestrConciencia and reconcile us to God!, take advantage of Christmas Ycuremonos of the syndrome of Cain (walk fleeing from God), as did CesarVallejo, who before his death wrote to Georgette him now only to God, Say that it makes me not fear, because I believe that God is my friend! as seSabe Vallejo was a good man, immensely human and died as such.. .

The Disjunction

It still affirms the necessity to point out the information and the data in its context so that they acquire direction, beyond pointing out them in a global situation, that is still more including that the context. He is necessary effectively recompor all to know the parts. The pertinent knowledge must still recognize the multidimensional character of the human being and the society and in it to insert given intrinsic to this multidimensionalidade. It continues saying that the education must promote general intelligence apt to mention the complex to it, to the context, in multidimensional way and inside of the global conception. In consequence, the education must promote general intelligence apt to mention the complex to it, to the context, in multidimensional way and inside of the global conception. The specializations to discipline many times provoke the disjunction between the humanities and sciences, as well as the separation of sciences in you discipline hiperespecializadas, closed in itself same what we can call antinomy. In these conditions, the minds formed you discipline for them lose its natural aptitudes them to know to contextualizar, fact that the modern education must modify and adjust.

Still in this chapter, the author disserta on the essential problems, standing out between them the disjunction and closed specialization that the problem of the hiperespecializao standes out again that hinders the perception in such a way global it (that it breaks up in parcels), how much of the essential (that it dissolves). Another problem is the Reduction and disjunction. The beginning of reduction it of course leads to restrict the complex to the simple ones, eliminating, of this form, the human element of the human being, that is, passions, emotions, pains and joys. In the same way, when it obeys strict the determinista postulate, the beginning of occult reduction the unexpected one, new and the invention. Our education until today taught in them to separate, to compartimentar, to isolate e, not, to join the knowledge.