Excel Indicators

The risk indicators report using this type of report, if it is in your scorecard gives the risk indicators. The Risk indicators are special counters that use the unit “the risk” as unit of measure. Cast-off accountability will be generated for the risk indicators and the special types of risks diagrams. The common indicators will be not included in this report. The key figures report this report is similar to HTML, but he recorded the details of the indicators and the categories only for the day selected by the user. So, the necessary information about the State of the balanced scorecard for a particular day gives the user with this type of report.

MS Excel report “the living” when using this type of report can the user copy create scorecard in MS Excel. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Pinterest. This scorecard will include all indicators and categories from the balanced scorecard. The user can change the sizes of the indicators in the Excel file, also as a result, the sizes of of productivity of new will be calculated. The Excel report is an excellent agent, if you the Colleagues who must pass balanced scorecard but the colleague BSC designer has not installed. MS PowerPoint report this type of report helps for balanced scorecard to create a professional-looking presentation. The report takes the main objects, charts, and tables with the data. With small changes, this report for objectives of the presentation can be used top managers, CEO, or the investors. The tree report is an HTML report that contains a graphic copy of the strategic tree.

The user can choose one of two types of the idea of the tree. If you need a graphic copy of the tree in your presentation, use this type of report. The strategy map report this report takes up the copies of all available ways of establishing the objects for the map of the strategies. The report is convenient if you need to choose the best visual way of presenting the strategic map for your presentation.

The Insurer

Special arrangements can be made for a temporary stay abroad outside Europe. Under the terms of the pattern, it is accordingly so that the sick will be payable only at a hospital. This has a certain protection purpose of the insurance community. Who wants to pay an “extended” holiday on insurance? Here some companies but their conditions also improve, for example by en waiver on the word ‘public’ or the inclusion of already existing diseases at departure. It is problematic but for non-European foreign countries, at least if here is no agreement. And “can” means yes don’t “have to”. How is it now to refuse service in the above mentioned case? The insurer became aware that the customer is not at home stopped in this case your visit and relied on the corresponding statements in the Insurance terms and conditions. There we find following restriction in article 5: (1) no obligation is incapacity f) if the insured person doesn’t adhere to their habitual residence in Germany, except that it is without prejudice to paragraph 2 in medically necessitated hospital treatment (cf.

section 4 para. 8 and 9). The insured person in Germany will be unable to work, outside of habitual residence as the sickness allowance is also, as long as the illness or health consequences preclude a return to medical findings; The insurer was and is here in the law. A performance requires the presence of the “habitual residence”. It is not possible, as in this case, to dwell with the sister on the lake or to reside elsewhere (except in hospitals). Sense this constraint is the 1 again) Inability of the company control and 2) the question to want to pay here no vacation. However, there is Disease pictures, for which this would be useful.

Respiratory problems or skin diseases, sea air can be quite useful. Go but without consent (not written) of the insurer to forfeit your entitlement to sickness allowance. Even if you reside elsewhere, and there fall ill, so you have to go back as soon as possible. Only if this is not possible from a medical standpoint, only the claim continues to apply and you get sick. There are exceptions to this rule? Yes. There are companies which have committed here in the conditions to better regulations. It is possible in Germany otherwise to reside, if this is notified to the insurer in writing after the latest changes, inter alia in the hospital per diem of Halle health insurance. Exactly in such cases should be enabling, which make easier the recovery just conveying or it for the sufferers, because it is for example not alone at home. What can I do if my insurance company does not offer it? Change the conditions could not be and also individual additions are not possible. State of health allows it and makes it economically because of age meaning (yet), so you can check whether a separation of insurance and hospital daily allowance insurance (KT) is possible. While the health insurance remains as it is, the sickness allowance can be newly insured at another company. However, not every company is willing and able, because many have not “solo” the sickness allowance (i.e. without there existing health insurance”to. However, this alone should be a criterion, because here are many selection criteria to keep in mind.

Comparison Portals

New study on comparison portals for insurance appeared for the conclusion of insurance policies is the Internet becoming increasingly important. About 85% of the participants in a survey carried out by ibi research information on the Internet about insurance products. More than half, a comparison portal attracts for the search. The current ibi study comparison portals for insurance comes to this conclusion”, collected in the requirements and expectations of customers comparison portals. The majority of survey participants in addition to the search on the Internet open faces also an online degree: 66% indicating that they would basically complete on the Internet. Leading the automotive products, personal liability and household insurance. The advantage of the comparison portals is for the respondents mainly in the possibility for your own information, as well as in time and location independence.

Around 40% of those interviewed see the most important reason for concluding comparison portals in the low price. Also the Transparency of tariff services represents an advantage for 42%. The transparency of prices, as well as the option to immediately conclude see nearly two-thirds as the reason for the use of the portals. Disadvantages are for almost three quarters of the respondents in the inadequate consultation and in the absence of a contact person on the spot. Furthermore, the participants of the trustworthiness of the comparison portals doubts over half. Just as many are not sure of the legal situation in case of damage and wishing at this time such as the support of experts. The Internet plays a crucial role in the purchase decision making process of the customer.

Comparison portals neglect but just that phase of the process, where the interested party should fundamentally are encouraged to purchase of an insurance. So first researched a majority of Internet users in other places about the needed protection and visited the websites of comparison portals in particular the specification of the product. Almost half of the interviewees wishes you a comparison portal in addition as an entry point for general information on the subject of insurance. A third is even willing to specify data to the personal life situation, to obtain an optimal hedge proposal. According to the results of the end-customer survey, the comparison portals relating to the support of the customer in the purchase decision process are evaluated in the study. This purchasing decision process is divided into the four phases of stimulation, evaluation, conclusion, and after sales. The evaluation shows that there is still much catching up to do in the design of Web pages. The comparison portals have a 23% overall target achievement in support of the user along the customer buying cycle up to 56%. Although no comparison portal has implemented all of the assessment criteria, is evident in the evaluation that all phases of the customer buying cycle approaches to the optimal design to meet already. This applies to unite, to bind the customer in the long term to the portal now.