The Web Of Danosa Reaches Half A Million Visits And Is Situated As A Reference In The Sector

More than 3,000 professionals designed projects on-line with the help of Danosa. January 29, 2008.-Danosa ( web page registered in 2007 half a million visits, which consolidated its position as one of the Web sites of reference for the sector. Danosa, leading company in Spain in the field of waterproofing, in the development of acoustic insulation, drainages and geotextiles, and solar energy systems and solutions, offers on its website not only the most relevant information about the company, but valuable tools for professionals in the sector. One of the most prominent is designing your project, that allows users to request on-line technical documentation from their data and specific needs, as well as constructive solutions that you want to add. In a few minutes, the applicant receives e-mail the requested project, easy, fast and completely free. More than 3,000 professionals from across Spain have been benefited because of the advantages that offers designs your project another prominent element which can be accessed at is a complete list of solutions adapted to the CTE, available in the field of waterproofing, sound insulation, drainages and geotextiles, and solar energy. Danosa has pioneered the adaptation of these solutions, as well as in its implementation-online with the aim of offering users greater comfort and ease to access technical information the company has in each business line. By the same author: Jeremy Tucker.

The solutions are presented according to the typology of the building and are classified in: residential, tertiary, industrial and civil engineering. Danosa website also contains information about some of the most outstanding works in which the products of the company are present. As a reflection of the intense international vocation of Danosa, their website is available in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Information about Danosa. The continuous challenge evolution Danosa is a family company that was founded in 1964 by initiative of an entrepreneur, chemist by profession, Manuel de el Rio Dominguez.

It began with the manufacture of asphalt sheets for construction, in a country where there was no standardized product. Today, he is the undisputed leader in our country in the manufacture of materials for waterproofing and one of the six most important companies in Europe in its sector. Danosa turnover in 2006 exceeded 90 million euros and the prospects for growth approaching double digits annually, mainly due to the expansion of activity that involves the new factory of the company in Fontanar (Guadalajara). This project has given a real boost not only for the company but for the whole region of Castile – La Mancha, as a generator of both employment opportunities direct as indirect. Danosa currently has delegations in all the Spanish autonomous communities and international presence in more than 30 countries on five continents, with branches in France and Portugal.

Marketing Tips

It is recommended to use such motives: rational, emotional and moral. By rational belong: the profit motive (economic motive), which is based on people trying to save money by buying sparingly and for low prices goods; health motive, which is used in advertising food, sports products, hygiene products, and the like; motive reliability and security, which is used in the banking and insurance business, when you need to create a sense of the smallest risk. The same applies to advertising of goods for residential use (tools, sewing machines and the like); motive of convenience and additional benefits, which promises to purchase this product. Additional information at Jeremy Tucker supports this article. Rational motives are aimed at the rational buyer who or completely cast advertising, or instantly react to it, provided that it informs and leads his objective arguments for this or that product. Emotional motives "play" on the emotions of buyers. Such advertising treatment is useful for those who only expects to helped them make the right choice (if they have not bought the goods), or to make sure that they were not wrong in choosing (if they have already purchased goods). For emotional reasons professional psychologists include: the theme of love, which is most often used in advertising gifts; motif of freedom, that is man's desire for independence, protect their autonomy in different spheres of life, the motive of pride and patriotism, which is used to increase sales of domestic goods; motives of joy and playful motifs that correspond to human attempts to obtain information in the cheerful, bright colors, motif discovery, which corresponds with the human qualities such as curiosity and their aspirations, the motive of self-worth and self-actualization, which is based on the natural human desire to find acceptance in their communities, achieve a certain status in society, the motive of fear, which is used in all sorts of counter-advertising personal hygiene and the like. Emotional advertising works on a symbolic level.

She does not need evidence. Specialists from advertising believe that advertising is an emotional effect in a series of stress and excitations, and the purchasing of goods precedes the perception, that is, a person, as in other cases, in his own researches and models the subject, and only then the subject becomes its own need or desire. Make a purchase for such people – it means to identify it with its own face, to tell about myself others. Moral motives appeal to the senses of fairness and decency. Scientists, psychologists refer to this explanation: the theme of justice, which is used in advertisements of charitable foundations, community organizations, political campaigns; motive for environmental protection; motif of decency, which is based on conscience, kindness, moral virtues and the like; social motive associated with a particular mezhdunatsionalnym conflicts, disasters, rising crime, stress, society, and the like. Advertising agencies are usually used in advertising campaigns by several motives. Developed using the above of different structures that participate in the campaign, ads will attract new customers, make them supporters of goods of services that are advertised. It is the purpose of any advertising campaign. However, the ad campaign does not exist in isolation from other business activities. It is closely related to marketing, that is the definition of demand, pricing, on products that advertised their development (the so-called technical policy) and other elements of market economy.

Business Games

Recently in our country there is a severe shortage of qualified personnel. Note, that qualified – lack of staff at all. Therefore, many companies are very serious about recruiting personnel, using the most modern methods (to make sure that employ the most suitable candidate), for example assessment center. In world practice, this tool has been used for nearly 50 years, but in Russia application assessment centers began several years ago. assessment Centre (assessment center) is nothing more than a collection of various exercises on the results of which can accurately estimate suitability of candidates for specific job. Typically, an invitation to a candidate for the assessment center comes after an interview with a representative of the employer.

At the interview you as a candidate can only to declare their business skills: leadership, teamwork skills, ability to defend their point of view and interests of the company – the interview is only words and nothing more. assessment center allows employer to verify in practice the quality of your business. The structure of classical assessment Center includes the following components: – A set of different tests, ranging from personal and ending tests. – Self-presentation party for experts and other candidates. – Individual analysis of various situations (case-study). This is usually written exercises aimed at identifying how to identify and analyze information. – Business Games focused on team work in groups of 3 – 5 people. – Self-assessment at the end assessment center. – An interview with an expert on professional matters. Each company creates its own set of components and the sequence assessment centers depending on their needs, as well as time and financial resources. All stages of the assessment center is supervised by specially invited observers – this can be both psychological and Your future direct superior. Observers closely following interpersonal skills: – Ability to find common language with different group members. – The ability to persuade. – The ability to defend their point of view. – Ability to become and remain the leader of the group. – Ability to listen to someone else’s opinion. – The ability to express their ideas. – The ability to express the general opinion of the group.


Training are companies which professional drivers deal with mandatory, are required to attend regular training by professional drivers qualifying law (BKrFQG). The regulation aims to improve road safety. Regular training in the commercial goods and passenger transport are mandatory in the future with the adoption of the professional drivers qualifying law (BKrFQG) at August 14, 2006. The objective of this is to unify the training of drivers in Europe. A failure to comply with the BKrFQG can bring sensitive punishment to businesses.

So, for example, a fine of up to 20,000 euros for companies may apply if they organize trips without a corresponding qualification of the driver or allow ( 9 BKrFQG). The professional drivers qualifying law stipulates all already trade professional drivers in the EU in addition to the driver’s license to prove specific activity-related skills and knowledge must. New entrants and new entrants already received the required qualifications through a basic qualification. Regarding the general qualification acquisition (initial qualification or training) as well as in terms of good power and transport exist different deadlines, which is to keep it on the part of the company. So must driver training classes C1, C1E, C or CE (haulage) since September 10, 2009 and driver in training to the categories D1, D1E, D or DE (passenger transport) since September 10, 2008 to purchase the so-called basic qualification. The trainees are generally three ways to obtain the initial qualification available: a degree to the / to the occupation force driver or successful pass of a theoretical and practical exam in the industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) or also about the accelerated initial qualification and participation in classes at an accredited training facility with final theoretical Examination at the Chamber of Commerce. Already working driver and thus holder of Class C1, C1E, C or CE to up to 10 September 2016 and holder of classes D1, D1E, D or DE until 10 September 2016, measures training conducted.


I perceive that there are many entrepreneurs who cling to the franchises, cooperation system as an alternative to the solution of their commercial situations, in many cases without stopping to reflect on what it means by the search for new strategies of commercial distribution, the urgent need to expand or flight forward, and if this technique is appropriate in your current business organization. We are going to focus the concept. All existing definitions, I am today with the Professor of the University of Seville, Enrique Carlos Diez de Castro, system of cooperation between companies of different, but linked by a contract, whereby one of them, the franchise awarded to the other (or others), known as franchises, in exchange for some payments (payments), the right to exploit a trade mark or a commercial formula embodied in some distinctive signsassuring at the same time technical assistance and regular services necessary to facilitate such exploitation. At the beginning of the Decade in the 1990s, I was lucky to participate in a project to franchising in the distribution sector, under the umbrella of central purchasing in all its magnitude. From the conception of the idea and design of the brand, until the opening of the first Center franchisee, going through the pilot experience in five own centers. An Odyssey which came to fruition. But as with any project that starts the first time, I slide by several organizational pathways which were not so kind. Most of these deviations, once detected, were duly adjusted, but we paid the hazing. Pinterest may also support this cause.

To not extend this post too much, I will discuss briefly one of those mismatches, related to the preliminary study by the potential franchisor. As we had clear commercial purpose, we rush to the pool without previously assessing the goodness of this project, their lace in the sector at a general level and our organization particularly flush. I realized years after this anachronism or distraction that could have resulted in significant losses. We were simply lucky. Curious, I have read extensive bibliography about the referent and in few books I have observed that it arranges the, for me, important paragraph of the preliminary investigation.

Most of the manuals begin with history, elements, legal aspects, the various methods of assembling a franchise and illustrative real-world examples, but usually do not stand much on that previous analysis does perhaps because presuppose it already done by enhancing franchisor? the rush to sell the idea? Subjectively, because I don’t have sufficient representative data, it gives me in the nose that there must be many, many projects franchising have sunk because it was not the moment internally, the enterprise orbit, or externally, the market and the territorial scope of implementation, among other factors. Later, early in this century, I suggested the franchise system to a company of workshops and equipment rental & leasing, but not before warn of the need of that preliminary reflection and have professionals with experience in This type of Mall. In short, previously be sure of aspects such as: 1. If my activity is subject to franchising; 2. If you really need it; 3 if although it is suitable and you need it, I’m ready though to do so.

Enhancing Your Business

So you have to apply some methods to enhance the credibility of your Business: Design your 1.Containing Nice site visitors, add recommendations, safety certifications, show your personality. Stresses your back guarantee when selling a product. Includes links on your page where customers can be put into contact you, give a brief introduction of your company or small business, includes testimonies of people who have purchased your product or services. 2.Anade content to your site that shows that you are really an expert on the topic by visitors. This should be easy because you only talk about business matters and nothing else. People trust people who understand your needs. These two techniques are very simple and obvious. But you must apply these methods before they even think your visitors give you their personal information and permission to contact them by email or social media.

Finally Techniques conversion does not work well if you can not establish the honesty and credibility. Converting Visitors into Prospects One of the tactics that give much results is to offer a free incentive to give you change your e-mail as an electronic book, a coupon, a Club Membership or other free gifts to encourage visitors to give your email. Optimize your site to induce action, this is achieved by placing a registration form in all the pages, and include a contact link preferably in the footer. Another way is to have a page where visitors to recommend your site to others and thus create a sort of viral promotion. Use “Popups” (Pop-ups) to instantly capture and complete attention of your visitors to take the action you desire such as links to web pages you want people to visit, subscription forms for your newsletter or e-mail lists, links to download your software or digital books, important messages you want to be sure that people notice and read and much more. It provides a link for registration in all outgoing correspondence either e-mail , in the pages of complaints, orders, etc. The use of these tactics will greatly improve your conversion ratio and build Post your list effectively. Finally you’ll want to follow up new subscribers for the purpose of sending more information about your product or service promotions, and other details you think necessary. Top sellers through e-Mal Marketing using autoresponders as they work 365 days a year and substantially optimized and efficient Email Marketing campaigns.

Venezuelan Hard Times

“There is always a touch of humor in the Venezuelan aid times to lighten heavy situations. This is not true elsewhere in the world. In other parts people are tense, serious, with some depression. In this sense, the new conception of what should be a manager is not that cold and distant person, but on the contrary, the new executives are aware of the needs of its staff, maintains a proper and respectful treatment of them at once who cares about their professional and personal growth. They also value their family, like teamwork and appreciate the simple things in life. Based on the foregoing it is determined that businesses, especially SMEs for their property to provide employment to large numbers of Venezuelans have a role in the development of this valuable human resource which we have. Management must make a proper use of these resources by following the recommendations listed below: Promote the strengthening of the skills of managers, through training activities, consulting and technology services, to gain access to the seat that will: provide intermediate products to the large company, develop innovations in products and processes, and be a great source Employer.

Training managers in effective leadership to promote this form of enthusiasm within the company and motivate the group activities and not as a rigid structure. Prepare people for change and have flexible staff to enable them to be more productive, faster to market. The processes and actions that take place in the Management of Human Resources should also be evaluated in terms of investment, risk and cost as it is with other company processes. Do not forget finally that SMEs represent an important part of the Venezuelan economy, it is not bad for what it is, but by the manner in which these organizations have been formed, it is necessary to implement a system of rules that allow things work, also if a solution is sought to enable the same sanitized and grow, would be short-term unemployment problems and imbalances social values. Take into account, the most important thing that companies have is not their capital, and investments in sophisticated and expensive equipment, or even their production … Most significant is its “human capital” and this must be understood by management. Only when this is understood and valued, they may get all the improvements needed to be more productive and competitive in this globalized world.