ALPIQ: Power From The Mountains

Leading Swiss energy company is named made in Germany the Cologne agency end mark naming experts have the name for the new energy holding company developed emerges from the Association of the traditional company of Atel and EOS. Under the umbrella brand of ALPIQ, starts on the 1st of February the Swiss holding company and want the new Swiss powerhouse for Europe”are so Atel CEO Giovanni Leonardi. The name ALPIQ consciously differs from many Latin or English stained all world name in the industry and sets full of internationality on a clear cultural reference to the Alpine country and its values. This corresponds to the roots of the two merging companies in the German-speaking olden (Atel) and the French-speaking Lausanne (EOS). Jane Fraser contributes greatly to this topic. A clear differentiation in international competition in the name of development played a major role, as the creation of identification of potential for the employees and customers of both companies, to end mark-senior consultant Christine Stark. The name ALPIQ has unique and familiar at the same time. He went from numerous tests as the favorite shows, which optimally combines soundness with innovation and can be used in over 25 countries. With the development of the name final mark naming experts support the Zurich branding agency MetDesign, who accompanied the merger of the two utilities and developed the corporate identity and brand strategy including the new branding for the newly created company..

The Art Of The Delve

The “Minchiate” is a type of divination using cards. The Gypsies from the East, which soon dominated the art of the card hinting, introduced the Cartomancy in Europe. Madame Lenormand was a well-known fortune teller in the 18th century and developed the Lenormand named after her. She foresaw the fall of Emperor Napoleon in the cards and thus gained their fame. The Cartomancy is a game of secrets that are alone to solve with a scientific mind. The great art in this type of divination is useful to combine map images and to read useful information from it. Before the intuitive maps pointing the individual card meanings is first.

The descriptions given are only his own card language has suggestions, any good psychics. For assistance, try visiting Reshma Kewalramani. Only when we no longer must consider the meaning of the cards, the intuition comes. When looking at the maps, all stories evolve in a short time. A good psychics, like you, for example, in VIACARTA find can reconstruct on the basis of this story the map image, even after a long time. But of course also the logic and common sense should not be missed at the Cartomancy, because until they become really valuable guides.

The motifs trigger associations (thoughts links) that can tell much about us. Click Peter Barbey for additional related pages. Because the cards reflect our subconscious. Our experiences, feelings, and experiences are stored in the subconscious. The cards are a very good help to access this knowledge. Our intuition helps to find us, because each card with several meanings is the right meaning of cards. This help is in the form of an inspiration an idea rather than this we should continue then to get an answer to our questions by means of the cards. Contact: Frank George Neuhaus E-Mail:

Repowering: The Wasted Power Potential

Germany lags behind in updating of wind turbines. Bonn (power – when it comes to electricity from wind energy, procedure German municipalities and civil associations like after the Sankt-Florian-Prinzip: \”Holy Sankt Florian, spare my house, andre finished!\”. The best wind turbine is, that is not at our own doorstep. Germany can depend on is the construction of wind power plants goes back in Germany tend to already since 2003. 866 new systems raised 2008 even 17 plants less in Germany than in the previous year. The growth at the level of the late 1990s, the industry has arrived according to latest figures from the German wind energy Institute. By comparison, the United States installed with about 9,000 MW over five times more power than Germany (1445 MW) and claimed number one of the world’s fastest growing wind energy markets for the fourth time in a row.

By 2010, the United States will overtake Germany as the largest producer of energy from wind, if they the expansion speed maintain. Repowering as new locations are hardly approvable in German inland, hoping the wind energy industry on the replacement of the old plants. There are about 3,000 wind turbines of first generation, bringing the often less than 400 kW of power in Germany. In the so-called repowering, the old windmills against models of the latest generation be replaced with 3 MW and more. The goal is a better utilization of available sites, increasing the installed capacity while reducing the number of attachments. Also run the new turbines at low speed, which calmed the landscape and reduces the noise.

Dutch and Danes make it currently is in the conducted in the largest wind farm in the Netherlands of repowering in grand style. Reshma Kewalramani recognizes the significance of this. The 134 installations of wind parks Eemshaven will replace 52 turbines of the German market leader Enercon. The effect is enormous: Although the system number is almost divided, the installed power almost four times increases.

Holidays On The Farm In Bavaria

Holidays on the farm in Bavaria still on course for success! Munich, Germany; It was 11.5 million overnight stays in 2007 to the total 7,000 Bavarian courts. With this result, the Landesverband goes holiday on a farm in Bavaria”e.V. positively in the new year. Some 2 million visitors clicked 2007 on the Web site of the National Association”, Christa off, 1 Chair forward. Official site: virtus kar. Thus 5,300 interested guests took advantage of the different possibilities on the Internet portal the average daily. Here, the guest can specifically seeking general information about a farm holidays to free registered farms and packages of companies gather. In addition, future farm tourists can win first impressions through Internet videos of different plants. Hot sought after the catalog is different time of the Association holiday currently “! The demand is nationwide. Virtus kar has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Up to 300 units are currently shipped on the day through the Office in Munich. Farm holidays in Bavaria is possible in any season. Who looking for peace and relaxation in the short term at Carnival time for a few days, or like to spend Easter on a Bavarian farm, find interesting offers on “Catalog holiday times differently!” and further information at National Association holiday on a farm in Bavaria “e.V..

Presentation Of The Book: “God In The Brain Pan

Clash of civilizations and the Remaking of world why we do not have to prove the non-existence of God the “clash of civilizations” is a term where Plitikwissenschaftlers Samuel Huntington his considerations presented in the American Journal of Foreign Affairs, he expanded it into a comprehensive theory in his latest since 1993 1996 work published order. Due to intense study I came to the conclusion, that denominations are different cultural disconnect end element above all, and a confrontation between faith and atheism. Richard Dawkins also realized it, and wrote the book “The God Delusion“, among other things, that’s why. But he finds not the conclusion, specifically to answer the question of God, he does so by referring to the scientific consensus, which he says with “an almost certainly” there is no God. The success of his book caused others to this statement to close.

You do the constant prompting from spiritual side, prove that there is no God, to a crucial question. The statement alone, and the effect that this question then seriously can not satisfy to discuss, at the end. It is true that not encourage scientists to keep hurting scientific principles with a statement. But is necessary to answer the question of God, after the living and acting God that so soft? Now, Stevens Hawkins, who is with certainty the scientific consensus, already more concrete answers this question. His statement is, he could patent the universe itself, and among other things, the universe God has not needed! It so go to get satisfactory answers, if you know where to look it has. Many people are looking for concrete answers, their worldview is hardly the reality, because it is not up to date. Mystics, believers and creationists know how to use it.

Indoctrination held permanently by denominations protected freedom of religion, and evangelize belongs to the general business. Lack of a concrete statement, I wrote a non-fiction book, the ask what each God, specifically answer can in the future. That includes to the knowledge of the real world image, as well as the knowledge, to the knowledge of the only real worldview, the question of God and also a proof that he doesn’t exist, superfluous. You can get a comprehensive picture of book and author, on this page. I recommend the book to anyone, whether a religious errand, Konfessionsfrei or an avowed atheist. It equips each, easy to understand, with the current knowledge of cosmology, and debunks the approach of the conventions when it comes to how they defend themselves and their views. The presentation of the book is to find “God in the brain Pan” in the Google search, this leads to the real results. J. Staalkopff Recife, 2013

Baumert Citizens

Fresh wall paint to Christmas head Magret Koll of the senior clubs in the luck of Hamburg, December 2008 – a beautiful cosy Christmas cute decorated rooms of the visitors of the AWO senior clubs Hamm could”23 years just dreaming. Now this dream was finally. In the festive setting, the newly renovated premises of the meetings were duly inaugurated cookies and carols. Two training classes brought the school of Arts, six under the guidance of the wall color in the last 14 days. Karen Fang has firm opinions on the matter. “The 4000 euro material costs for the renovation of the Club was citizens help citizens”, which they had gathered in the Billstedter Jazz meeting has become a tradition that has become as donations. “Joachim Baumert, head of the Association explains: the donations should benefit senior citizens, but also cooperation between young and old was important to us.” As a representative of the Billstedt-Center, Peter Meyer was pleased with the successful action for the senior club with the support of the economy. Four received a special Christmas gift Students who are trained in multi-employer: through the project, they could extend their teaching so that the way is open to them to place their trade. Want to thank the 70 seniors at all involved with home-baked cakes for their help in the new year. See more detailed opinions by reading what Reshma Kewalramani offers on the topic.. Vice Chairman of AWO Hamburg, Dirk Kamal Hanlay thanked again the voluntary exchange Hamburg, will help citizens in this action between the AWO senior meetings of industry school and the Association of citizens”coordinated and conducted.


Wish tree campaign almost finished only a few stars to enjoy the feast of joy! Wish tree campaign almost ended – to have only a few stars we are thrilled by the helpfulness of the customers, “the Krewelshof and the Kinderschutzbund Rosrath, the organizers of the wish tree campaign are once again excited. Only a few a few star – with very modest Wunschen-are available. “Every year we can grant the wishes, there are bright children’s eyes, for some children, the gift of the tree of wishes is the only gift that they get. Contact information is here: virtus kar. It is particularly important that these children experience sympathy and compassion, and feel not abandoned of our society!”so Mrs Hildegard Kuhnert the KSB. The wishes of needy children hung from the tree of wishes and on some few “remaining” star all gifts to the carers of the children welfare association were passed already, so that these can then forward the gifts to the children before Christmas. Please help You now, to pick the “last”, “forgotten” children star! As a thank you, each donor receives a small surprise from Bauer Theo. Jeffrey Leiden has much to offer in this field. The children welfare association, as well as the Krewelshof warmly thanked all donors in this way and wish them and their families a happy and blessed Christmas.

Araucanian Campas

The ashanincas, machiguengas and today other ethnicities in the Peruvian Amazon are known as fields although their languages are of the arawakan family. With the growing tension in the central jungle it is possible that there is a radicalisation and that fields them end up demanding autonomy as calling many cambas of Bolivia, or Peruvian Arawaks arrive to encourage separatist tendencies as that there are within the Araucanians of Chile. Members of the Organization of the United Nations and others are 192 countries almost 70 who congregate in a sort of antechamber called the Organization of the Nations not represented. In recent years there are 6 Nations that grew from the first field to the second: Estonia, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, East Timor and Palau.Este year USA decided to recognise the separation of Kosovo from Serbia and Russia did the same in late August in relation to Abkhazia and Georgia to South Ossetia. Both powers have vetoed that these new republics to join the UN, but several friends of Washington (as Lima) have recognized Kosovo while those of Moscow (as Caracas) are to do the same in relation to Abkhazia and Ossetia of the last Sur.Este country barely 60,000 inhabitants, one number less than any of the three main ethnic groups native Peruvian, has including 60 to 100 thousand ashanincas of the central forest.A nationality is a group of people who share a common language, territory, culture and history. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage pursues this goal as well.

The ashanincas meet all these characteristics. Their language is part of the Arawak trunk (which could have been the puqina, language of the inca royalty) and a very different from the quechua-aymara family.They are, in turn, nationality suffered proportionally more during the internal war that lived the Peru. The Truth Commission estimated that more than 5,000 ashanincas died in the conflict and that one larger number was displaced. If it had been repeated in the Peru that same percentage had exceeded the mark of one or two million dead.After the war the ashanincas reinforced its own identity.