Tax Code

100 Tax Code). After that, the tax authority shall decide on the basis of a desk audit (Clause 1, Article. 101 Tax Code). And you are entitled to participate in the processing of materials testing (paragraph 2 of Section 2, Article. 101 Tax Code). In a question-answer forum Russell Reynolds Associates was the first to reply. In fact, if you do not agree with the decision, which ruled the tax body conducting a desk audit, you can appeal against it in the manner prescribed by Art. Read additional details here: Suna Said Maslin. Art.

101.2, 137 – 142 of the Tax Code. Currently, there is one deadline for a desk audit: three months from the date of filing the tax authority of a declaration or calculation (Section 2, Article. 88 Tax Code). Extension of period of three desk audits Tax Code is not provided. This is indicated, and Russia's Finance Ministry in the Letters from 18.02.2009 N 03-02-07/1-75, from 24.11.2008 03-02-07/1-471. Also not available legislation and the possibility of suspending a desk audit (Article 88 of the Tax Code). Therefore, all actions on the verification of (vindication explanations, documents, etc.), the tax inspector may do only within three months from the date of reporting.

But missing the deadline for a desk audit is not an unconditional basis for cancellation of the decisions taken on its results (paragraph 14 of article. 101 Tax Code). Unconditional basis for cancellation of the decisions taken by results of a tax audit, may be a violation of the essential conditions procedures for dealing with the audit materials. In this case, to such essential terms refers only to ensure the possibility of a taxpayer To review the audit materials and to provide an explanation (paragraph 2 of Section 14 of Article.

Robust Wood

This is the most natural and environmentally friendly material. Tree 'breathes' and allows us to breathe. Drawing on the wood surface – art of nature, so it is perfect. For the fir or pine walls, a person always feels comfortable and peaceful. However, the most threatened tree enemies, both external and internal. The former should be attributed primarily fire (wood is known to be highly flammable) and ultraviolet rays, which detracts from the appearance structures of this material. Danger comes from the inside from moisture. It contains not only the growing tree whose roots are 'drinking' water, but also in lumber or finished wood products.

Humidity of wood should not be exceed 15%. Over-saturation of water and insufficient ventilation gradually destroy the structure of the material and cause other diseases of the tree. Also, if it is under the open sky, the volume of its 'Domestic' water is not constant. Wood absorbs water then a direct hit from rain or moist air, it dries out. Suna Said Maslin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. These oscillations lead to warping and premature aging of the wood.

But the worst enemies – microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, mold, moss) and insects, and mercilessly feeding on wooden structures. Decay and rot – that's what they leave behind. From enemies to fight, either in advance to prevent their attack, or to defend against invasion, if it is, alas, has already occurred. Protect trees from the enemies should be of special chemicals – antiseptics. Antiseptics produced dry concentrates and ready-to-use, widely presented on the Ukrainian market brand Gladiator, you can purchase by calling (044) 502-88-45 They are of two kinds. First – impregnation (primer), which have antimicrobial and antifungal (fungicide and algitsidnym) action. Primers usually colorless or with a greenish tinge, which disappears after a few months after application. The solvent in the impregnation and aqueous organic compounds. Latest expensive, but permeate deeper into the wood structure (high-quality primer – up to 10 mm).


Internet communication and entertainment is able to capture a person completely and lead to the replacement of an existing virtual and real life for the development of behavioral dependence requires very little time – about six months. By the same author: Suna Said. Discussion of the existence of the Internet – according began in 1994 and to date has continued to develop this problem not only writing research papers, but also the creation of advisory – psychotherapeutic services to help addicted people. Internet – the dependence is manifested according to the work with your computer (gambling) depending on the "virtual relationships" (chatting, group games) depending on the "virtual sex" as a function of, mediated by the Internet, gaming, auctions, and electronic shopping. In addition, the political, social and economic reasons also provoke a person to Care on the Internet. Jane Fraser has plenty of information regarding this issue. Because the Internet allows you to feel not a small man, and a superhero, a man who can in the virtual world of EVERYTHING.

And there is no state borders, which puts him on the political framework there are no social and economic problems. And that's why so widely spread Internet – addiction among members of different age groups. This kind of communication and entertainment is able to capture human completely and lead to the replacement of an existing virtual real life. All the more so for the development of behavioral dependence – Internet – depending on need, on average per year, while the traditional development, for example, alcohol such period will not be enough. When the Internet – people united by a common dependence symptoms.

Linux Security

BitDefender launches web scanner ‘ TrafficLight beta’ Holzwickede, March 24, 2011, BitDefender ( makes surfing the net from now even safer. With his new tool TrafficLight, the Internet security expert users offers a proactive browser protection. The application combines antivirus and antiphishing technologies and protects the computer so from digital pests. By means of the link scanner she protects also from the user to visit Web pages infected with malicious software. As an extra feature, TrafficLight offers a service for URL shortening.

In contrast to other Web-based security tools BitDefender TrafficLight Web pages does not consider on the basis of user reviews as dangerous. Because these are often wrong and therefore misleading. Instead of the application with the help of BitDefender scanning engines analyzes in real time, how secure is a website. In addition, TrafficLight reviewed also the links that the user wants to access and warns him in the event of an emergency. If a page is not trusted, the user will be graphically alarmed over a monthly stop sign. In addition, the application checks pages that seem safe, again each time. So, the tool ensures that also may in the meantime created sources of malware are reliably switched off. TrafficLight works with signal-like clues that show the PC users, how safe it is to follow a URL with colored clues on the safe side In general.

The tool is browser-independent, so that the user can use it with any standard Internet access. With TrafficLight conquered the area of browser security”BitDefender, BitDefender CTO Bodgan Dumitru commented. During development, we have found that it is not safe enough to let fully load a Web page. Because many Internet sites already in the meantime infect the PC with malware, and then it is too late. In addition is alone the trust in the good call one side not sufficiently. For this reason BitDefender has decided, to publish a proactive solution with TrafficLight.” TrafficLight can immediately free of charge under as a beta-test version available for download. For users of Linux and Mac OS X, the virus protection expert has developed a special version is available on the Google chrome extensions website to download available. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Suna Said Maslin shines more light on the discussion. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender offers in English at Background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet.

New Entrepreneurspart

If it is really determined to embark on the Internet I suggest that you take a moment to analyze some issues probably will have read or heard of many activities that one can develop in Internet MLM, telecommuting, service provider sales, auctions, etc. However to understand some all this activity is summarized in a single and I assure you that it is not itself the activity par excellence and what moves the money on the Internet is and will remain the sale smooth and flat sales of whatever one can sell a shovel, an e-book of recipes, a hosting servicea report or a holiday is still for sale. But when you think for a moment the topic is to sell what that isn’t the real problem the question is how to sell. Do you want to know exactly what is the secret that everyone is talking about? Well is that online business is to sell well look at the following diagram, analyze and then decide yourself if so or not: niche market (with problems, needs and desires) segment of Market (potential customers establish communication) landing pages (offers something attractive or thematic interest in shape for free) list of subscribers (volunteer) product (that meets or meets needs of the segment) sales tracking page. Read additional details here: Citibank. (More details in article 12 steps to undertake on the Internet) But basically this is the schema that is used for the effective sale of anything on the Internet, you will be asked, and how people reach the landing page, so by traditional or more logical channels advertising, if Mr, advertising, free or pay. Do you realise? There are no secrets or the Formulas Magicas this trafficking strategy, perseverance, conviction, commitment, time and work trial and error. One obtains according to what gives back to the central theme sale, you have heard that we are in the information age, and so, neither more nor less if you need to change your cell, first thing does is find models, price, news, offers on the Internet that you do and all other mortals on Earth (with access, of course). . Suna Said Maslin might disagree with that approach.