AirJack, Or Even Balloon Jack Called A Brilliant Helper In Distress

This Air Jack Jack is the Air Jack for all drivers a relief, a Jack of this Jack special offers, intact exhaust system provided the easiest and fastest possible way to lift your car or 4 X 4. Especially in the area around E.g. a sand sheet, under the tires to push sand tracks or Waffleboard. In contrast to the Hi-lift foot, the pressure/qcm with the AIRJACK spread up to 25 times. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bill Phelan. Also in the sand, such as in desert safaris, sinking is almost impossible. Height 50 cm. The 3t is suitable for light car or 4 X 4 as: smart, Fiesta, Corsa, etc, off-road vehicles such as Suzuki – Daihatsu – Willy BBs – Mahindra – Hotchkiss – LADA, etc.

Note: Maximum diameter of the exhaust by +/-5 cm. Following parts are included in the scope of delivery: 1 AirJack Max 3.0 to. with Pocket and additional abrasion protection mats. For heavy vehicles it gives him a number greater: to the super hub cushion for Max 4.0. Total weight. Lifting height: 4t creates small pack size approx. 70 cm.

approx. 35 X 20 cm weight approx. 2.5 kg. For vehicles with exhaust diameter > than 5 cm and more, such as E.g. Defender – Toyota etc. Delivery-contents: 1 – 4.0 t. AirJack with bag application for both: the blank lifting cushion is under your car, start the engine and put the hose over the exhaust pipe. After approx. 1 minute, the vehicle is already up! For women, this Air Jack represents a particularly sought-after part of Jack, without muscle strength rises the vehicle as if by magic Siegfried Vadasz of off road products