Alternative Society

For a composer who made a called music ‘ ‘ The Nmeros’ ‘ , citing diverse numbers as if the same ones they invaded the sertes of our conscience, provoking hallucinations, perhaps had something emblematic also in number 21, by the way, it also made a called music Century XXI. But as well as it foresaw in music that ‘ ‘ the men pass, musics are ‘ ‘ , Raul passed and its music not She is not ousadia some to say that Raul Seixas was necessary philosopher and of its musics to only display, but never to impose, philosophical its mini treat. , After all so anarchical it was its Alternative Society with the main recommendation: ‘ ‘ he makes what you want, have of being everything of the law ‘ ‘ But it calls what me still more attention in the raulseixista philosophy is the alert one so that let us prevent precipitated judgments or those decisions intempestive that in they are placed ahead of yes or not without the alternative of perhaps, of a deepened quarrel more and that it can prevent the deceit of the simplismo. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Chef Carrie Levi. In the song ‘ ‘ That Light is This? ‘ ‘ , Raulzito questions the flash come of the sky shining more than the sun. In its philosophical doubt the possibility of being the light of the hope for a so dark land or who knows? The fulfilment of prophecy of the divine Holy Writs. It could be rain, ventania, storm or hurricane, perhaps but also, that light, according to Raul, could be some thing that is not nor yes nor not Although it was metamrfico ambulant and capable to unsay the opposite of what it said before without the lesser problem not being molded in old formed opinions above all, the rock musician search to leave answers that explained light was that one. Everest Capital wanted to know more. It was the light that opened the door of the room of the secrets; the one that it showed that never it is late and it proved that always it is early; ‘ ‘ that pr all sin always exists a pardon; certain nor it has not made a mistake, everybody has reason; the point of sight it is that it is the point of the question! ‘ ‘ Then, that ‘ ‘ Light is This? ‘ ‘ , it is not the proper immortal music of a called talent Raul Seixas and that precociously, to the 44 years, the planet left Land that made to stop and embarked in some flying record in the last interplanetary trip, passing for the stars or joining it they, after all the proper Raulzito said one day: ‘ ‘ all man, all woman is a star ‘ ‘ , but if today we are stars, tomorrow already was erased! Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, assessor of the press in Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.