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Consulting sees significant demand for enterprise-wide Bad Oeynhausen / 20.11.2008 – the Fachbereichsverantwortlichen can according to a recent survey by the consulting company coretelligence mainly the cross-enterprise business intelligence strategies get nothing. They fear to complex projects and also a loss of their independence. They are instructed, quite support because often lacked the former BI projects according to the necessary technical skills. coretelligence Managing Director Andreas Wang therefore advocates a rethinking in the business intelligence strategies of companies. This in particular the following aspects should be taken into account: company-wide coordinated approach by an agenda of BI: is very pragmatic describes the general business objectives, methods and implementation conditions. These include the programs, organization, professional applications and the governance requirements as well as the project management and the technical platform.

This requires that management, departments and IT managers at a table come to clarify their respective roles and find procedures to accommodate targeted each other accountable. Also the objectives and priorities of the business intelligence alignment are defined generally binding on the BI agenda. It is thus not only the strategic framework, but includes also the roadmap for the implementation process. The responsibilities between departments and IT are exactly to regulate: it applies to distribute the responsibility according to the principle of best literacy. This includes that IT builds an integrated, consolidated and harmonised data platform, while the departments more responsibility for the development of their applications, such as reporting, analysis, etc. take over. Thus business intelligence arises regarding the technical processing from the socket\”when a common BI platform is being developed and not different independent or isolated Island solutions are built. Competencies may not compete, but must cooperate: in fact a demand-oriented cooperation in much lesser extent takes place, resulting in one of the Central causes for the frequent criticism of the BI-realities. As is often observed, that is IT the topic on the flag written and projects regardless of the prioritized areas.