Beauty Routine

a 4. Hairdressing on demand 4. 1) Depending on the city cleaning, water contains many different minerals and mineral affects your beauty routine in a different way, for this reason, Marco Aldany Futura 2020 offers a la carte cleaning. With this system, digitally controlaa chemical properties of water, regulating the salinity, hardness, chlorine, mineralization, etc. with what is done washing with optimal conditions for each type of hair and water, ensuring that the water chemical , enhance the effect of the products and treatments. 4. 2) Health Cromoterapia and Chromatherapy is a method of harmonization and to assist the natural healing of certain diseases through the colors. Colors influencing physical, mental and emotional that we are not concientesa and allows to our vital energy to have a state that facilitates self-healing, in FUTURA 2020, through the modulation of light, we apply this soothing therapy while the client receives a head massage, getting some physical and emotional benefits depending on the color.

4. 3) Colour Real Colour System: application of the color of the hair under artificial solar light that ensures the accuracy of the chosen hue. In addition, this system modulates the light to see the result of color under different types of lighting: light party light disco, office fluorescent light, etc. 4. 4) Cutting and Styling Multi Vision: During cutting and styling session, the client at all times can control and visualize the performance of the requested service, and with this system, you can record your session and store it in your customer profile to viewing on any visit to the salon (the same or another Aldany Framework) which read see the same or another officer and wants to make it in the same styling recorded session.

4. 5) Drying Drying Simulator Controller and custom: the system can select the type of drying by changing the speed, temperature, moisture and aroma, thanks to the advanced aromatherapy program. topic. Controlling these variables can choose between different types of drying and drying to simulate a natural environment such as sea breeze, air of the forest, Tropical, etc.. About Marco Marco Aldany a Aldany, chain ownership of The Chic Corporation, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. It currently has more than 400 operating rooms in our country, is also present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector has given him the experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own pace, achieving a steady increase, year to year in revenues and profits. About Inmomatica is the leader in home automation and new technology for homes and buildings, with more journalists and editors.