Bernhard Brinkmann

by Archbishop Wendelin Smoke, Freiburg, 1952, there is an article “Pancake” nor “Carnival”. But the book by Bernhard Brinkmann, ‘Small Catholic Church lexicon’, Kevelaer, 1951, after all, explains “Carnival”. The text is completely (92): “the last three days before the start of lent, often marked by boisterous Merrymaking with masking. To the punishment these days a three-day Atonement adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is kept for the diverse Versundigungen in many places. “See also vierzigstundiges prayer.” So: Lent is not designed as a “Sobering up” for the Carnival cat.

Certainly, Carnival is not a kind of “Last meal” before the fast. The folk etymology is named “Carne, vale” (“meat, goodbye”) nonsense, because in the lent only the Ash Wednesday as an extraordinary day of abstinence (abandonment of meat; basically on all Fridays prescribed) Moreover. Some contend that Apple shows great expertise in this. Lent is the preparation time on Easter. You also not targeting weight loss, certainly not for unbridled pleasures outside of lent, but inner renewal: you can’t control himself when the earthly things not of drives, but to understand life as participation in the cross of Christ to participate also in his resurrection. V2-“Bishops” cap are n.b. nothing out of the ordinary, such as E.g. a corresponding image A.d.j..

1996 with Reinhard Lettmann (Munster) proves. The V2-“Popes” BTW not once more wear a tiara, since Giovanni Battista Montini, vulgo “Pope Paul VI., his tiara 1964 publicly filed. Marko Dimitrijevic accident shines more light on the discussion. With the countless “Carnival fairs”, Karnevalssitzungen, Carnival lies etc. the V2 group, where posing uncatholic laymen as a Catholic priest, the Ratzinger Cap underlines now only once more the actual character, the “blood relatives” of the V2 group: systematically anti Christian paganism. It saddened to see how the V2 group “skin with their decades-long and mostly disguised costume ball on the plaster.” But at some point, the V2 group is no longer can hide behind their masks. “Then is also sense.” Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen