Colombia Free

If you are a Hispanic American with friends and family in Colombia, Colombia prepaid cards are a major expenditure. Not to mention the patience that is needed to use them. If you’re like me, you’re tired of using prepaid cards to Colombia for their rates and the old who are. I will tell you that I found a way to call to Colombia that costs less and makes call Colombia from United States as calling the neighbor. Called direct dial.

They are a long distance service that allows you to manage your account online, have the cheapest rate per minute to call Colombia that you find in the market. They allow you to call Colombia directly converting a landline or mobile phone from Colombia in a local number in United States. But you don’t have to take my word for how certain, you yourself can see that easy and convenient is direct dial. They offer a free trial version that gives you up to $5.00 on free minutes to try the service and call for Colombia. Follow these steps to start to call Colombia toll-free: 1.Visita. see page main how to sign up. Remember that it is without risk and without contracts. 2.Convierte a landline or mobile phone from Columbia in a local number in United States.

This is the best part of the service. 3.!He starts calling! Already soon. Now you can enjoy up to $5.00 in free minutes to call Colombia with the free trial version. Visit and sign up for the free trial version. Call Colombia is easier and much better!