the succession or legacy value be quest (value), the today’s decision makers environmental goods and services in regard to the interests of their descendants or future generations concede. Use values are usually easier to quantify than non-use value as use values at least theoretically leave marks economic action. No assessment through the use of market values can be carried out, elements of the TEV, inter alia with the help of stated preference methods (E.g. quotas valuation method) can be determined. Almost always stated preference methods must be used for the assessment of the value of the change of non-use value.

I strongly recommend to anyone this article: how much EUR is value a Robin? Even environmentalists are trying to quantify the value of nature in euros and cents a disastrous trend. JuRGEN GERDES is a biologist (born 1958), and has a doctorate on Thistles and the insects that live on and in them. He was conservation Commissioner at the federal nature protection in Kulmbach and Bamberg. Since 1990 he is a conservation officer of the city of Bamberg, where he also lives. bdw…

/… , Issue: 11/2011, page 40 – life & environment also I recommend that .PDF file: Quelle/(C) by, author also the loading rating by the German Bank for the EU ‘Study to capture the economic value’ will only lead to a false security. Cybernetic bankers think linearly and evaluate every single bird. In nature and in systemic thinking must be however correlative thought and assessed. But the economy has but no mental models! Exactly so incorrectly think the nature protection associations! Let us beware so theoretical pseudo-scientific be ratings. We add for example the cost of the damage caused by natural disasters, etc. the numbers model. One, I’m uberezugt: when changing from the wrong mechanistic to the natural vitalist world-view we would significantly reduce huge costs for nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, etc. The disharmony with nature sickens people. This is part of nature, so part of the meta-physical Sugetier man finally World! The numbers cemeteries of the accounts are part of alternative cultures, so the property biological world. Nature is an expiring for millions of years successfully process of self creation and of inestimable value and free! (C) 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! Specialist for systemic communication, systemic consultant and coach. Krishnan Rajagopalan understood the implications. 27.05.2012