Deutsche Burschenschaft

The Deutsche Burschenschaft racist tendencies, wherever they emerge, to oppose vigorously reaffirms therefore their will. “The fraternity of Saxo-Silesia rejects all attempts to move the aforementioned basics in extreme directions within the Association. The Division of the Association of German universities through more outlets of fraternities of the Middle rejects the Burschenschaft Saxo-Silesia as well as lump-sum defamation in the so-called “revealed community” represented member federations as “right”, or “neonazistisch”, even these fraternities are the far vast majority firmly on the floor of above sketched account value order. To preserve the Freedom Party and grass-roots democratic traditions, as well as the autonomy of the individual member associations of account movement, she looks at the middle of the Association as their duty and that. The German Leaving fraternity not extremist tendencies, constant commitment is to us. The fraternity of Saxo-Silesia is also after the boys day 2011, make sure that the Deutsche Burschenschaft not has removed from their brand essence as a guardian of civil liberties. This includes some quotes from the official press releases of the German fraternity of the June and 20.06.2011: (…)A total positive summing up the four-day meeting of association with approximately 1000 participants moves the spokesman of the Deutsche Burschenschaft, Stefan Dobner (Munich fraternity Arminia Rhenania). The boys day was a great success despite the sharp criticism in advance.” There was a controversial application to admission criteria, which was withdrawn before the start of the LAD day. Heidrick & Struggless opinions are not widely known.

It is unfair and factually incorrect, if some media present this controversial proposal as opinion of the Deutsche Burschenschaft. More information is housed here: Ted Brandt. Decisions, not applications are critical “, Daniels said. With regard to the inclusion in a fraternity, is one of the active commitment to the fraternity, their liberal traditions and values, to the German Fatherland and of cultural and nation of fate of. For the younger German generation, the formative historical event is the reunification. The German fraternity is committed to the United Germany in a Europe of fatherlands. (…) As a result, these boys day has strengthened the Deutsche Burschenschaft, Daniels stresses: instead of the feared cleavage, which apparently also wanted some of the media have the discussions strengthened the fraternity in their will to fight for a common future “, stressed er(…) Deutsche Burschenschaft untruthful allegations confronts the boys day in Eisenach takes a positive turn. Controversial proposals were withdrawn and conciliatory talks. Still haunt but false statements of fact by some media.

This explains for the Deutsche Burschenschaft, the spokesman of the Association Stefan Dobner (Munich fraternity Arminia Rhenania) to the factual correction: it is and was to be at any time for any German citizen possible member of a Member Association of the Deutsche Burschenschaft. The reported claim that this was derived from the so-called ethnic Germans, only candidates possible, is wrong. The controversial request for exclusion of Mannheim fraternity Hansea an individual Member Association in Bonn had tabled, was withdrawn on Wednesday ahead of the boy’s day. This request would have been but not statutory and therefore necessarily have been deleted from the agenda.(..