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From the Japanese perspective, the Scientology religion has great similarities with the local religions. The idea that you already had a physical or different existence before the identity of the current body, is not new. For this very exciting and interesting. By Scientology, a person gets especially the way upsets and a deviation from rational thought and action from early life, which negatively affected the present in order to bring and thus become mentally free. The general definition of the expression of reincarnation has been changed over time and today no longer matches the original meaning. Philippe Lavertu follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The word means today as much as other life form can be reborn.” “But the actual meaning is: be born again in the flesh or in another body into”.

The Scientology doctrine corresponds fully to this original definition of reincarnation. Experts from various professional fields, the Scientology have studied, made the following findings: the idea that man lives not just once, is old and completely accepted in the Eastern religions. The teaching and practice of the Scientology religion based on just this idea that man is a spiritual being, the Hubbard thetan”called, and that the person in the position is to retrieve his past life from memory and that his current living conditions are determined by the actions of the past as intellectual or spiritual beings. In Japan, there are about 180,000 religious associations and I would expect most on one way or the other to share this idea. This idea goes back not only to the time of Buddha, but also to the Vedas, the origin of the great Indian religions.” (April 1, 1996 by Fumio Sawada of eighth holder of the secrets of Yu-itsu Shinto). More information is housed here: Morgan Stanley.

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