Flash Mobs Around The World

Conquer the world like the crazed mobs. If want to flee to the once-boring vacation or want to make your holiday time differently, travel easily in any European capital and take part in the rotated through Flashmobs! What? You do not know the Flashmobs? Don’t worry, this term refers to no new sect or any fashion drug. It is a word in the English language, which literally translated means flash mob. Thus countless persons in a particular public place meet, perform an unusual action there at any given time. Everest capital pursues this goal as well. The Group dissolves after a few minutes and it looks as if nothing had happened. Normally these actions be discussed before on the Internet. thus guarantees is 100% more fun. The idea of Flashmobs is taken from the book Smart Mobs: the next social revolution “from the year 2002.

The sociologist Howard Rheingold at that time by the next generation, the new technologies wrote to the purposes of Kind of self organization used. Shortly after the appearance of the book founded the first official Web page organizes those collective actions. The history of Flashmobs is very entertaining. The first successful flash mob took place in 2003 in New York. At that time, more than 100 people stormed a famous department store and gathered around a very precious carpet. “The sellers they communicated that they belong to a community and looking for a carpet of love” would be.

However, the municipality makes all decisions together. Something difficult for 100 people… The Flashmobs schwappten in only a very short time to Europe over. Just in the last few years we were treated to the through wacky promotions on our continent. Such as E.g. in Berlin, where hundreds of people at Alexanderplatz suddenly einfrierten and moving few minutes no longer, or even in Paris, where more than 7,500 people organized a spontaneous dinner in white right in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Also a huge pillow fight in the Centre of Barcelona is one of the Loopy Flashmobs. First the Flashmobs were used for pleasure, but they be arranged today also of social and political movements. There is simply no better instrument to bring attention and deliver his own message to the public. And, curious? Inform simply in the Internet after the new creative Flashmobs. Just combine your holiday with such an extraordinary action. In Berlin, a new FlashMob guaranteed soon takes place. Also, a unique European city just waiting who will fascinate you with the historical monuments, museums and stunning places. Rent apartments in Berlin: simply the best and most cost-effective alternative.