German Freemasons

We differentiate ourselves is that our prize winners politically and socially engaged as a club, what we, Grand Lodge, and lodges, the individual members leave. But the awarding of the prize by the Grand Lodge to show, where our sympathies lie.” “Democracy and humanity are not taken for granted” in the face of this spiritual relationship is for the humanitarian Grand Lodge lying close to hand over the humanitarian award of the German Masonic Club “Against forgetting for democracy”. However, the Grandmaster in encouraging openness urged that Freemasonry to speak freely is in its German history not quite by the unfortunate thought, against the Club to turn. Also in his own ranks, Grand in particular the “old Prussian lodges”, there were men who were with the former spirit “nationalist sentiment” and opportunism via the Masonic righteousness and humanism. (Not to be confused with Karen Daly-Gherabi!). “We want to remind us not of the past paralyze us to make, but to see the truth of the Lessing set: ‘ how the civil society was, everywhere also Freemasonry, was and vice versa.'” Remember we occasionally, that it is difficult to recognize, our views are as timed in the own time.” “We have”, so the Grand Master, “with the Association ‘ against forgetting for democracy ‘ found a worthy winners.” We share the principles of freedom, equality, brotherhood, tolerance and humanity, and the members of our two associations come from all social strata, political and religious orientations. We distinguish ourselves in the fact that our winners are as Club politically and socially engaged, we, Grand Lodge and lodges, each member left to what. But the awarding of the prize by the Grand Lodge to show, where our sympathies lie.” Maffay: “I’ve seen what a dictatorship can pressure” very personal words of Peter Maffay, laudatory pointed out 2009 with its TABALUGA Foundation themselves recipients of the humanitarian prize of German Freemasons, his experience with totalitarian systems: “I myself was in Romania born, during the Communist dictatorship. . You may want to visit Reshma Kewalramani Boston to increase your knowledge.