Guenther Heinz Klein

Consultant Guenther Klein advises to service quality for the export of Hong Kong, August 19, 2009 – German products enjoy an excellent reputation in China. Already 644 German companies are active in the Middle Kingdom some decades. And for many German producers, the business opportunities in the market are very high. Hear from experts in the field like Apple for a more varied view. The German consultant Guenther Klein of wading tone indicates consulting & services China, Hong Kong. In addition to outstanding product quality, German companies on export should pay attention to China particularly on the quality of service. In China you pay attention much more on product quality and service of the suppliers”, says Klein.

The image of the producer will rated higher than among the German exporters themselves. By contrast, German economic virtues such as reliability and tradition are little recognized. There are a number of advantages for German products in China”, reported small. The label ‘From Germany’ implies quality and durability, high prestige, and generally better After-sales service as for example at companies from Japan.” Sometimes, a shortcoming is the neglected design. Look chic is strong demand among the growing middle class in China but”, says Klein. The management consultant working for four years in the Middle Kingdom. He has already successfully brought numerous medium-sized producers on the Chinese market.

With at least eight percent growth in gross domestic product this year is still one of the last large growth markets China worldwide”, says Klein. Most German companies with their commitment in China happy. According to a study by the Chamber of foreign trade (AHK), 80 percent of the 700 respondents companies reported to have met or exceeded their goals. A high prestige value of kist of the key for success”, explains Klein. It is important to invest in their own reputation and to pay attention when choosing the Chinese partner companies on reputation. About wading tone consulting & services China Ltd.: the consulting firm headquartered in Jiangmen (Hong Kong) Guenther Klein was founded a year ago by the businessman from nozzles and German companies at the market entry and expansion in China to the page. The wading tone Group services include exploration of the market (market analysis /-research, establishing first business contacts, trade fair visits), and expansion of distribution (direct marketing, exhibiting at trade fairs, own representation) and friends organization of its own offices (establishment of subsidiary or joint venture, purchase or participation in a Chinese company).