Harlem Otto Sauter

The Festival to the end of the year by the 29.11 up 1.12. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Elon Musk. with the legendary Advent concerts ‘swinging Christmas melodies”by Otto Sauter’s ten of the best is the conclusion of” 10 of the leading trumpeters of the world. The Wartburg Castle became a symbol of the great eras of German history the Wartburg in 1999 by UNESCO as world cultural heritage awarded. Marko Dimitrijevic accident brings even more insight to the discussion. Here Martin Luther translated the Bible once, the singer war took place here and here the deutsche Burschenschaft celebrated the first Wartburg Festival in 1817. All subject to change. Tickets and information: Tickets are available at the Wartburg Castle: Tel.

03691 250202 E-Mail: the Wartburg Festival on the Internet: concerts 2013 at a glance Saturday, 27.04.2013 rediscovered Baroque Edson Cordeiro (countertenor), Otto Sauter (piccolo trumpet), Cappella Istropolitana, Istvan Denes (line) tickets: 29,00/24,00/19,00 plus Presale Saturday, 18 may 2012 if the dream the night leaves Michael Mendl (reading), Istvan Denes (piano) shrouded to Richard Wagner, Ludwig II and the Wartburg Castle tickets: 29,00/24,00/19,00 plus Presale Saturday, 08.06.2012?Jazz legends on the Wartburg?Paul Kuhn trio to the 85th birthday of jazz legend?Tickets: 28,00/35,00/20.00 plus Presale?Thursday, 03.10.2013 the project Richard Wagner: Tristan meets Isolde in Harlem Otto Sauter & ten of the best tickets: 28,00/35,00/20.00 plus Presale Saturday, 05.10.2013 the long night of the trumpet – A tribute to Rafael Mendez, the legendary Mexican trumpet player – the trumpet in Spain – A Truibute to Maynard Ferguson trumpet: Armando Cedillo (Mexico) Sebastian Gil Armas (Spain), Bryan Davis (United States) and Miriam ball-Hickman (piano), David Hickman (United States) and rythm section tickets: 35.00 28.00 20.00 plus Presale fr. 29.11./Sa. 30.11./So. 01.12.2013 Swinging Christmas melodies Otto Sauter & ten of the best tickets: 28,00/35,00/20.00 plus Presale is subject to change. Press contact: Wartburg Festival Sabine Kierdorf media & eventservice fire Rauf str. 10 – 40764 Langenfeld Tel. + 49 (0) 2173-980742 – fax + 49 (0) 3221-1240947