International Standarization Organization

It provides credibility and strengthens the image of the company. (p 22) in addition to all the above benefits standard allows the consolidation of the philosophy of total quality entrenching the culture of quality in the Organization, in the same way the improvement of management systems to unite efforts to not perform useless or divergent efforts. Now well, ISO what is it?, is an acronym that identifies the International Standarization Organization s, translated International Organization for standardization. It’s believed that Payoneer sees a great future in this idea. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland, its mission is to develop and promote common global standards. It is currently composed of more than 100 countries.

The scope of each of the ISO 9000 standards for the establishment of the system of quality (9001-9002-9003) is given by the type of company that will adopt the system of quality. The standard to used is selected according to the process which covers the operations of the company. Thus, companies that within the production process made the design of a product or service, produce it, install it and give customer service apply for the implantation of a quality system standard ISO 9001. Still recommended this standard to apply in educational institutions. The quality of the 21st century must be oriented to serve the people, namely their clients (internal and external), optimizing them benefits and welfare, but rather than anything people working for and in the Organization must have satisfied their needs, remembering our friend Maslow. The quality system must ensure that things will be made always in the same way, regardless of who or the moment is made; You must therefore supported by documentation that give formality to the process of continuous improvement. When a quality assurance system is incorporated, are integrating elements such as the quality manual and procedure manual. The Quality system that we are describing can be a good management tool, it all depends on the attitude of the address.