Italian Food in Venice

The Venetian cuisine is clearly overshadowed by the charms of the city of canals. Everyone has heard of its carnival, its gondolas and romance, but nobody has heard praise for its cuisine. The truth is that Venetian food is traditional, varied and delicious. The Venetians enjoy a Mediterranean diet based on fish, meat, vegetables and lots of pasta. Venice has a reputation for being expensive when eating out. And so if one does not know what restaurants to go and what kind of dishes should be asked: in particular, should avoid the area of the Plaza de San Marcos. The more you move away from downtown, eat better and the price will decrease substantially.

Run away as possible from the tourist menus to eat cheap is another plus. Normally do not include drinking, or the cover, or dessert and the bill is paid very high. The trattorias are the best value for money. You can also get pizza into portions in street stalls. One of the most typical dishes of Venice are “Cicchetti” (appetizers), similar to Spanish tapas. Among the most used are: the pulpits and sobrasada with polenta, meatballs, dried tomatoes, fried crab claws, fried vegetables, toast with cod cream, boiled eggs with anchovy and the famous marinated sardines with onions and vinegar. Other Venetian specialties are risotto, made with rice and served with cuttlefish, lobster, fish or meat. But the most acclaimed of them all is the “risi e bisi” which is served with peas and ham.

Obviously, one of the king is the pasta dishes of all kinds, served more varied sauces. A local specialty is the famous “pasta e fagioli (beans), a hearty winter dish. Fish is also a specialty, especially the fish St. Peter, the Rape and eels. For carnivores, the liver Venetian style (stewed with onions) is a very tasty dish. Italy is a wine producing country, so that its most common find him drink wine. Among the reds highlight the Prosecco of Conegliano and Valpolicella and Amarone whites to Custoza. Other famous drinks are the famous grappa and “sgroppino (lemon sorbet and Prosecco). The sweet tooth must always leave a space for dessert. Venice is famous for its “patisserie” cakes, ice cream and pastries. Their specialties are the tiramisu, the “zaeti” (cookies made with polenta flour and raisins) or bussola Buranelli (butter cookies shaped like a screw). and No you sound appetizing? It runs through your notes and find the best Italian cuisine in the city of canals. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage is the source for more interesting facts. Stay in finding a good accommodation at a cheap price.