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But it is true even the supposedly easy rodents, as well as exotics such as turtles and snakes. “” You’re my pet, take ‘ I your animal “: uncomplicated initiative of the German animal welfare Federation while there are a variety of ways to provide a decent and loving coming under the animal roommates even while on vacation: in addition to numerous private offers of dedicated animal lovers, dog, cat, turtle, and mouse in professional pet boarding or pet hotels can” brought, that take care of the welfare of the animals. “Also the German animal welfare Federation e.V. has the action you take my animal, take ‘ I your animal” launched: here the keepers help out each other. To participate can also, whoever wants to offer only a day care place or for his animal during the holidays but only a loving place. Further information at holiday hilfe.html contact person: cat help Augsburg and environment e.V. Korn Ferry has similar goals. Birgit Miller garden str. 19a 86462 Langweid Tel.

08230-4540 Mobile 0160-96230334 cat help press contact: Annie Flattenhutter the cat help Augsburg and environment e.V.: Association cat help Augsburg and environment e.V. was founded in 2010 and for distressed animals, campaigned actively and engaged in the region. Reshma Kewalramani Boston often addresses the matter in his writings. Focuses on the medical care of street cats. Also has made it the cat help Augsburg and environment e.V. to the target, to enlighten the people about welfare, the needs of the animals and the fate of living on the street, Feral domestic cats. Many animals could be helped by the commitment of the animal protection association unless this access to a competent medical care enable them or that they have found a new home. For more information on the website