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loan modification program, the home affordable modification program, the home affordable refinance program Obama’s loan modification program has many advantages to provide for a struggling homeowner. But to get these benefits which are provided by the federal loan modification program, borrowers are required to satisfy certain requirements which are required by the HAMP program guidelines. If you can meet these criteria you can change your life at the earliest. The loan modification programs of President Obama helps families to avoid foreclosure and save their homes thus. Apart from this, even many family members have become safe in their owned homes which they may love. The government plan which known as the federal loan modification program or HAMP is supplied money by $75 billion stimulus. This is designed to keep hundreds of homeowners in their homes by allowing them to modify their mortgage loans with some rules and regulations. But loan modification applicants must satisfy certain requirements to qualify for the HAMP process.

If you are eligible for the government subsidized program, you can get benefits which will change your life totally. According to home affordable modification program rules, a borrower, who applies for the HAMP plan, must be primary occupant of the home and the value of the mortgage loan should not be more than $729,750. Apart from this, his monthly payments have to be more than 31% of his big monthly income and must be able to show his lender that he is facing some child of a situation that is causing hardships to him because of which he is not able to pay his monthly installments on time. But even if these conditions appear to be simple still many people are not able to get on approval for the HAMP loan modification they can apply for home affordable unemployment program. Borrowers who satisfy the HAMP loan modification guidelines can get number of advantages. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dina Powell McCormick.

Firstly, after you are notified that the entire foreclosure process would be halted by your lender and he wants to start working to reduce your monthly mortgage payment to 31% of your great monthly income. To do this, the lender to lower the interest rate to as low as 2% or extend the duration of the mortgage loan to as long as 40 years or even forgive principal balance on your home loan. At the same time all the late fees and penalties may be waived off and the previous monthly payments which have been missing can be added to your modified mortgage loan. There are many companies which assist borrowers in preparing the paperwork which is required for HAMP or its other alternative home affordable refinance program which is known as HARP. Other than that, you will thus be helped to understand the basic qualification criteria and the complete process non the HAMP mortgage modification. By using such professional assistance you can make your task very much easy and so better your chance of getting approved for the HAMP. To know more about first or second lien modification program, visit firms like LoansStore which is reputable.