In the 7 century, the immigration of Greeks led to a strong Greek settlement. Several findings showed that the settlement close connections used with Cyprus. Alexander who absorbed large a settlement and brought the city under pergamonischer rule. After the conquest by the Romans, Perge was the capital of the province of Lycia et Pamphylia in 73 A.d.. Perge Turkey Arcade, the size of the theatre of Perge testifies to its former size. 14,000 people found there place.

Right next to the theater is a well-preserved stadium that could accommodate 15,000 people. Most of the city lies behind the mighty gates. In the city centre, an Agora, a round Temple, be seen palace ruins from the Roman Empire and other parts of the building. A large part of the city is still covered by reeds and other plants. 3rd stage: Perge > Belek 25 km / driving time 30 min. Belek is one of the well-known tourist resorts on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

The town itself has to offer no historical buildings, so that the town fathers had built the mosque and a tower in the old style and build an aqueduct on the main road. Belek Turkey Tower stage 3: Perge > Belek see 25 km / driving time 30 minutes directly from the motorway at altitude of the departure of Aspendos an old stone bridge from the Roman period, a further attraction. This bridge has been restored and is regarded as one of the historical highlights to side. Aspendos stone bridge side Turkey Roman bridge stage 4: Belek > side 20 km / driving time 20 min. With side, we reach our destination for these directions. Side is the main Turkey Belek and Kemer. Read more here: everest capital. In addition to many good hotels and shops, side also offers a fine sandy beach. More information about side can be found in the travel report: from side to Alanya! Ataturk monument side Turkey we hope nearer to have brought you to this stretch of coast, and wish you a nice holiday! Your Combipix team