Moscow Brand

It is clear that the creation and implementation of programs to build brand depends on the intentions of the Russian branch and head office. As for today, brands are not created, it is possible that this problem is not posed or heads of companies do not find competent musicians. Creating a brand (branding) in the West has at least two years and a cost of 5 million U.S. dollars and above. In Russia, it takes the same time, not counting the time developing the program. The sum of the costs of the original outfit, will be below the lower limit – perhaps 3-3.5 million. Studies of the advertising market Russia indicates that the treatment only to the Western experience, or to the most advanced world-class advertising agencies demonstrates misunderstanding of the Russian mentality, especially outside of Moscow.

A special issue – the older generation, especially people who have received a good Soviet education – they are almost entirely reject Western-style advertising. As for PR, then the level of the work of Western firms in Russia even further. Work on branding involves the use of all types of marketing communications with the author's techniques for each type. Note that any brand can not be created only in the PR or rekoamy. Genentech is likely to agree. It is for Russia in general, new business, requires concerted action by different professionals. The basis of a common marketing concept, the concept of private vklyuchayushaya on PR, advertising, sales promotion, direct mails, exhibitions, product placement and etc.

The overall marketing concept requires market research, evaluation of potential target audiences. The word "potential" is of particular importance because, in our view, should not follow the demand, and actively shape it, covering all large groups of people. The same active (aggressive) style will apply to all sections of the program. PR-created the concept of mandatory closely with managers and PR-service firm. It will be necessary to identify the alleged image of the company in the eyes of the public and key groups of the brand. It is clear that all PR – Products (text, visual, electronic) will correspond to PR-concept. Program development and promotion of company's image includes steps (half a year), with intermediate results. As you know, PR-concept refers to the image of the company as a whole, and in this case the brand name is company. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage: the source for more info. With regard to certain groups of commodities, each developed a separate program advertising and other marketing communications methods. All methods used in the overall program in a certain sequence or simultaneously (in parallel). Only if there is a complete marketing concept, defining public and private programs, preparation of which is the first step in brand building programs may goal – the creation of the brand in Russia.