For this purpose, well ask clarifying and probing questions. Clarification and refinement of the client allows the operator call center to avoid many common mistakes. For example, sometimes begin to offer goods or services without the customer's needs, trying to tell him more, until the consumer has identified opportunities to kill or stop the operator call center. Much more efficient to build proposals taking into account the personal needs of the client and do not give redundant information, which does not interest him. If the operator call center is a company specializing in appliances, it makes sense to find out during the conversation that it was interested in the client. For information on microwave ovens are his lively interest, but once someone is forced to listen to a block of information on vacuum cleaners, most of all, he decides to go to another company.

In During the conversation, the operator call center to promote and encourage the client display their emotions and opinions, whatever they were. For example, you can praise his tastes and preferences, when he was sometimes too finicky explains in detail what he might like. Respect the client's position – the main principle of any operator call center. Must give the consumer the opportunity to express their disagreement, to bring his case. Correctly constructed a conversation the operator call center and customer is not a battle, but finding and needs. During a conversation with any client should feel right and my point of view, the most weighty.

In an objection can find something with which it is easy to agree, and that demonstrate respect for the interlocutor's point of view. For example, the most common manifestation of dissent – 'too expensive'. In the first half of the sentence call center operator can be divided into client response, "Yes, it really is worth a lot of money ', and then divide the abstract notion of' expensive 'for the specific components that are hidden behind it:' The actual price depends on the number of training hours, number of group members and location of our courses. Which option is most comfortable for you? " How would a customer not respond, the operator call center to try to find him saying attractive features and express their sympathy. For example: 'Yes, you are deeply versed in this matter' or 'What you say is very interesting. " With this approach, the client will feel easy and fun conversation. The apparent ease of the telephone is hiding a serious preparation. In addition to subject knowledge in the field of services provided by the company, these skills should be familiar with the peculiarities of human Psychology and the general principles of the telephone conversation. Of course, everyone is able to own forces to develop their abilities in this area and constantly improve the art of telephone negotiations. But if you face the task to organize and support the activities of the department for customer service, it is clear that self-operator call center will not be enough. Training in construction competent productive telephone conversation requires special psychological and substantive training, and then a constant sharpening and bringing to the constant practice of automatism. In the service organization to work with consumers need to remember that the qualifications of staff – an essential element for success. And, on this basis, to decide – whether to use their own resources for telephone contacts with customers or recourse to a professionals from the call center.