Scientology Advocating For Human Rights In France

Scientologists mobilize taught signature – and awareness-raising campaigns, so that human rights in France and also used to be an aspect of human rights violations brought the cinema box office hit of last year – “Taken” – to light. The film showed what you can’t find in Paris in the tourist brochures: the city is the International Centre of the sex trade. Although slavery is actually forbidden in our time, each year about 600,000 to 800,000 men, women and children over international borders are traded. Of these, 70 per cent are female and 50 percent are children who must go into the sex industry under duress. This trafficking of sex slaves is contrary to one of the 30 human rights in the “Universal Declaration of human rights”. This background data, have prompted the Scientology churches in France to strengthen their work on human rights. Since its founding the Scientology has committed Church to human rights.

Indeed, the confession of faith of Scientology starts Church – written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954 – with the following words: “we believe the Church: that all people, whatever race, skin color, or what creed may be it, have been created with equal rights.” Churches and missions in France held the Scientology on several weekends human rights events. The Scientologists believe that information about human rights are important to also realize this. In Paris, 24 young people and children in the Beaubourg Centre in the heart of Paris gathered 3,000 signatures for a petition calling for human rights training in France for all young people. This petition is passed in the French Government shortly. Members of Scientology were church and missions of Marseille at an information booth at the old harbour. A large flag asked the passing people in large letters: “Do you know your rights?”. The members distributed hundreds of leaflets, in which 30 human rights in words and pictures are presented.

Scientologists were also located in Bordeaux active. They showed the human rights clips that were sponsored by the Scientology church there. The passers-by about various human rights were informed in short films. In Angers and Vannes Scientologists gathered signatures for their petition. “We believe in our country and when everyone in France knows the human rights and protested against the violations that occur here and in other countries, trade with people stop.”, said Francoise Morel, Director of youth for human rights campaign in France. “We are not easily to human rights violations.” +++ press service the SKB e.V.