Social Media

Social media have become one of the most valuable and discussed tools in these last three years. But, if we go a little further back, you can probably recall was no more than a poor tool (or a mandador of first level spam) in the middle of the last decade. If you think about it, until it made sense. By their true nature, social media does not seem to be a useful tool. You do less than what you could do with a fully dedicated web site, you may not use the search engines like Google as effectively and you should also be more involved personally. But as Facebook and Twitter users grew first reaching 100 million and then doubled such encrypts every 6 months we have reached a level of saturation that has been impossible to ignore.

Now you need to be successful in your business social media is online or off. That to think of media social? Change happens when we realize how powerful that can be have a direct line to our audience specific. At some point, somebody sat down and said hey but I can create a page and market it specifically to the kind of person I want, then send them messages every day without problems. Then came increased traffic from web search to social search. Now people do not spend too much time surfing the Internet. People use the Internet to search for something either specific or but join Facebook to find out that their friends have been doing.

So it was easy for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to follow the traffic. That spending $2-3 per click Google AdWords when you could spend 1/5 of it on Facebook and reach out to a hungry audience that spends hours a day reading profiles and pages? Finally, the gurus began to develop strategies to use Facebook and Twitter along with other social tools to create viable business plans. Now no more the typical go to the network and send them to your web site. Suddenly now we have a real world of alternatives for creating a website or develop a plan methodical marketing for channelling people within an email list. More important, stop thinking about social media as a fraudulent mechanism that should help us to make a fortune and realized, that unlike anything else on the Internet, is nothing more than a part of an engine much larger is a simple tool that will help us make money when we use it together than everything else. You must think that social media is just one part of an entire system, which is your business. Using social media in 2011 the Branding is one of the pillars of a successful business. Try to think in a large corporation that does not have at least some kind of branding to push their sales. Clear, a good product could sell well by itself alone, but for this product much and continue to grow sales, need to be recognized, interesting and unique. That’s where comes the branding, and as an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is develop your name as a brand. What does that mean? It means that you need to create a presence on the Internet that push people to read more acercad you and your business, trust what you say, and follow you for your leadership in an environment that requires strong personalities. Leadership is more than simply tell people that do is generate confidence and security when they make their decisions.