Spanish Minutes

– And as in Spain, with kin? – Yes means: my favorite Pedro Almodovar, another three or four director, Penelope Cruz, Javier da Bardem. Oh yeah, almost forgot about our cutie Banderas – that's the whole Spanish cinema plus infinity "soap>> interspersed with American fighters and serials. No, on the set, they are able to work, was present, but with the rest of their eternal hasta manana, my razpiz Forgive my sloppiness and laziness, they are very similar to us, so Russian people better and easier place to live is in Spain. – Clearly, we Spaniards are not like slackers and might live? – They live, I assure you, okay, but most importantly, quietly. And the most favorite thing to sit down at night in some cafe and pop into the night without stopping.

In the afternoon, in the siesta, they , the sun a lot, a lot of energy, and that's scratching their languages. No, I'm not against>> but take, say, me, I do not seem very foolish man, and with a broad, well, a range of knowledge and then not always and everywhere I can find a theme for conversation, and they are always there , to talk about: what stockings today bought it, how to choose, that said the saleswoman, etc. etc. True, there they have two things are untouchable: the church and football. Imagine attending evening news, some, like us, forty-five minutes, and so – about football they say ten minutes to twelve, and in all seriousness.