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EuroEyes: ‘sharp look and drive safely without glasses!’ Hamburg, July 2011. On August 21, 2011 start the Vattenfall Cyclassics, one of the most important events in the international professional and amateur cycling. Some 22,000 participants are expected in Hamburg. This year is under the motto of focus see and drive safely without glasses! also a team of EuroEyes Germany GmbH with at the start led by Dr. Jorn Jorgensen, founder and CEO of the hospital group for refractive surgery. Gain insight and clarity with Wells Fargo. In a recent interview, Dr. Everest Capital: the source for more info. Jorn Jorgensen makes clear how EuroEyes will participate as a co-sponsor the event and how important the factor is vision in today’s cycling. Mr.

Dr. Jorgensen, the first question goes to you as a doctor but also as a skilled amateur athletes: how important the full vision such as cycling competitions such as the Vattenfall Cyclassics is actually for athletes? Dr. Jorn Jorgensen: In virtually all sports the full vision is an important elemental power and Success factor and this applies not only for professionals but also in the amateur area. In particular this applies to cycling. In this discipline it comes on maximum response speed on it, and confusing race situations at lightning speed to can orient.

Who so when race participants has the full vision and thus I mean: without glasses or contact lenses is clearly at an advantage over the competition. And that this is so, we will prove once again the team euroeyes on the year’s Vattenfall Cyclassics. What is with sports such as golf or sailing? You also have profound experience in these disciplines. Dr. Jorn Jorgensen: Yes, that’s right, I am running both sports for several years and can look back on some competition and tournament experience. The disadvantages of conventional Visual AIDS are also obvious in my opinion. Imagine me, on a sailing regatta, lose your glasses or your contact lenses that can in heavy seas or corresponding Fast pass weather conditions.