Successful Business Year

Atacama doubled office space at its headquarters in Bremen, 03.02.2009 – Dr. Jurgen Deitmers, Managing Director of the atacama can look at an overall successful year for his company. Software GmbH, Bremen, back: “we again increased our sales compared to the previous year to eight percent and show a positive result. Considering the past few years, makes atacama a very good economic development. Is important however, that we can continually technologically evolve our solutions and win more new customers for use.” Atacama 2008, new technological base as well as the establishment of complementary modules to the well-known case management solutions has created a number of additional interfaces, E.g.

for CRM-KV. Moreover, succeeded in integrating into many health systems. “This strategic partnership with the BITMARCK benefit from very”, so Dr. Deitmers. A slight decline of customer through mergers, including IKK direct and technician health, stands as a new customer among others the SECURVITA health insurance fund compared to.

The unification of the technological basis of the statutory health insurance solutions was a major focus of the past year. The newly developed application framework is still in the first quarter of this year. It relies on the State of the art software architecture atacama with J2EE enterprise Java beans and is quick to respond to changes in the procedure of model-driven development (MDA) capable of. All systems are scalable and seamlessly integrate into existing database systems. To be able to meet expanding the Office space to the rise in demand and the increasing demands, has hired atacama in the past few months a total of five new employees in sales, in development and in the service. “So it has become too tight us on our previous Office floor”, reported Dr. Deitmers. “As a result we have increased us from 1 February in the old building to a floor with a total of 370 sqm.” So, not only more space for service and development of existing and new solutions. Rather, it is Companies with its services for health insurance companies, E.g. increase document reading, and offer seminars on topical issues in the care and case management. “Here we have extensive know-how, which we, want to share also reinforced by external speakers to our customers”, so Dr. Deitmers. Atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in hospitals and health insurance companies with innovative standard software solutions. The atacama team can look back on more than fifteen years of experience in the development of software solutions for the healthcare sector. apenio, a knowledge-based software for care planning and documentation in hospitals. The Web-based system was developed in cooperation with the University of Bremen, on the basis of a practical nursing classification. Comprehensive dental case management solutions for health insurance companies are a further focus. Atacama Orthodontic orthodontics management of the legal Health insurance and atacama ZE, the Web-based program for dental management of statutory health insurance, are at approximately 60 health insurers and four data centers in operation. The offer is rounded out with atacama VIS, an information and communication platform for hospitals, associations and nursing facilities to the simple design of an Internet presence. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama. Software GmbH. All rights reserved. Contact: atacama Software GmbH Dr. Jurgen Deitmers Anne-Conway-Strasse 10 28359 Bremen phone: 04 21 / 2 23 01-0 press contact: ralf buchholz healthcare communications Ralf Buchholz Liebermann road 2 50933 Koln phone: 02 21 / 28 08 552