A Powerful Tool

As you know google is the most used search engine on the Internet today, has more than a trillion affiliated sites to its platform, which makes more than 150 million searches a day. In February 2002 Google launched its sponsored advertising program called AdWords, but this was not the first such program before another giant like Yahoo operating this system, however AdWords is positioned so that became a milestone over the years and today are the most used throughout the Web, well focus more on AdWords text ads and banners called away from, well, concluding the historical tale I tell them not changed today AdWords no other advertising system is cheap and if you become an expert you will realize how important it can become when an advertising campaign. The success of AdWords is knowing how to set some ads to give our customers can click on them and increase our CTR, the higher the CTR less cost of CPC, good for this we must study hard, become a Fox writing relevant ads. AdWords works when the user enters a particular search, then displays the so-called sponsored links that appear on the right of the results and are differentiated by their size and can appear up to eight ads, the client chooses the one that looks more attractive and click on it, leads to a landing page and the advertiser pays Google a minimum of U.S. $ 0.01 per click. Google will charge an activation fee of $ 5 is deducted from your first contribution to jumpstart their advertising campaigns.

The cost the advertiser pays per click is determined by an auction that really depends on the amount you bid for each campaign is the most expensive position is the first and forth according to what was bid for keywords that the client are looking for, the advantage with this system is that they only pay when we click on our ad and we choose our daily budget and maximum pay for each keyword. Remember to faithfully relevant warnings, that is the key to success, as your potential customers come to your landing page and you have seven seconds to convince you that your product is suitable and a good call to action buy ends up. I hope you begin to encourage and promote their products in AdWords is a super tool Powerful, I recommend it because I have had excellent results.