Performance Evaluation

For advancement purposes, the committees should take into account the score given to a public servant by virtue of their performance evaluations, Promotions and test results of training, certification or other studies undertaken, as well as the own-choice tests in terms of the guidelines issued committees. To participate in the processes of promotion, career professional servers must meet the job requirements and pass the tests, for that matter, establish committees in the respective calls. a With regard to training and skills accreditation, the program said that the Secretariat of the Comptroller General shall issue the rules governing this process dependencies. The committees, based on the detection of the needs of each agency shall establish training programs for the post and management development and quality of public servants. Such programs may be developed by one or more units in coordination with the Secretariat of the Comptroller General and shall contribute to the improvement in the quality of goods or services to be provided. Committees must register their annual training plans to the above-mentioned Office may recommend same settings according to the needs of the system. The regulations will establish the quality requirements to provide training and updating.

For the certification of skills is recommended participation dependence on the public servant belonging must provide the necessary training before the next assessment. Failure to pass the assessment, there should be separation of the career public servant of the Federal Public Administration. a In relation to the Performance Evaluation is important to note that the committees in coordination with the Secretariat of the Comptroller General shall perform the descriptions and evaluations of the posts which form part of the system.