State Money Helps The Growth Of

State money will help companies in Florida in terms of growth a company’s growth reaches also in the United States sometimes a border on which it not continue without foreign capital. Could from Germany entrepreneur who has built up a company located in the United States, immigrant you should therefore in time therefore worrying, look like such a debt. It advises CEO Max Karagoz, whose undertaking, ALTON LLC ( supports German-speaking entrepreneurs in building its US business. The views of government programs is useful. Florida, for example, currently receives $ 97.7 million from the Treasury Department in Washington. From this money loans of approximately $ 1 billion for small businesses, build the jobs in Florida. Read more from Jaime Harrison to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Money from Washington for small entrepreneurs in 2010 was the “small business jobs Act of 2010″ on US Federal law. On the basis of this law, the State Small Business Credit was initiative”.

It was equipped with a total $ 1.5 billion, to small and creditworthy businesses to support, which currently do not receive needed loans for their growth. However, the money is not distributed in Washington to the entrepreneurs. Instead contact US States that have set up themselves matching credit programs at the initiative of the credit. About it the money reached the small business owners. A dollar from Washington, ten from Florida the 97.7 million US dollars, which now receives Florida, credit projects incorporated into, distributed through local banks of the State businesses. The rule is: $ 10 must face every awarded dollar from Washington, which come from other sources. The US funds in Florida are managed by the Office of tourism, trade and economic development, which is integrated into the Office of Florida Governor Rick Scott. On the other hand, also the public private business development program Enterprise Florida, Inc. will receive money to distribute. It currently maintains his venture capital program for the support of companies and want to put support program second loan program the Florida small business loan.