New Entrepreneurs

More frequent errors in the new entrepreneurs All who we have begun in the businesses by Internet, at some time we have committed these errors, the good thing is that when identifying them, we can begin to work in them to leave the circle that to us maintains remote of the success which we looked for. Albert Einstein said " Madness is to continue making the same and hope to obtain results distintos" , comprometete with same you to solve these errors if these committing. 1.* These defocused: When not knowing clearly goals, you do not know where you go, you do not plan nor you have a system. It is important that before lanzarte in a business, you put in writing, That you want to obtain? , Why? , When? ,How? ,Why? , By whom. You want a car? , one marries? , as soon as time? , 1 year, 6 months, ponte I put precise, the time in you want to obtain it and soon the plan comes that you need.

2.* Malgastas your time: You begin the day, reviewing your mail, soon you enter the social networks, you give back messages, you have interruptions, beams too many things simultaneously, have many abiertas pages, in the end the day goes to you and you have not done anything. It begins to be proactive and nonreactive, it creates a work plan, it writes 5 things that you need to do, destinales a time to each, if you do not reach to finish continuous on the following day with I complete point that you fulfilled and returns to make your list, we are beings of rituals reason why if you begin to repeat an attitude, you do in a moment it by custom. 3.* you become paralyzed: A paralysis by analysis exists, you have as much gratuitous information that you get dizzy and you cannot draw clear conclusions, decidete by a mentor, somebody that has obtained what your you want and follows its steps.