Green Ecoelectricity

Yesterday: high prices for good eco conscience; Today: save over 300 euros Berlin with eco-electricity, 05th February 2009 given continuous price increases of electricity green electricity products gaining in the Federal Republic in attractiveness. Currently, about 5 percent of German households are renewable power and rising. So every fifth consumer when changing provider decided last year already for a green power product. in 2007, the rate was only half as high. The growing demand can be attributed not only to the increasing environmental awareness of consumers, but also on the always competitive pricing of the eco tariff. As the independent consumer portal identified in this context, the annual electricity costs by moving to a cheaper eco power provider up to 367 EUR can be reduced.

Map: savings in switching to green electricity in Germany table in Exel: savings potential of switching to green electricity in the 100 largest an average family with an annual consumption of 4.000 kWh of electricity in major cities such as Nuremberg, Freiburg and Mainz can save German cities up to 239 euros when it switches from expensive primary care in the best, regionally available eco-tariff. The Bavarian cadolzburg, the savings potential is even at 367 euros. The market for renewable energy is strong in movement\”, explains tariff expert Thorsten Bohg by More and more providers push in the market, such as, for example, recently the Kaiser’s Tengelmann AG. In addition, almost all regional utilities have now own eco electricity tariffs in the range. Large companies such as LichtBlick and Entega have already more than 400,000 customers. Despite the successes many consumers total competition increases in this area, which has a positive effect on the pricing of the offered rates.\”have reservations against changing to eco-power products, which at three points can be set through\”, indicates Bohg. Stubbornly that adheres Cliche of overpriced tariffs.

Brings New Industries

Energy-efficient construction, electric mobility and storage technologies are Husum important exhibition topics, 19.03.2013 – the new energy Husum moves from 21 to 24 March 2013, energy-efficient building, electric mobility and storage technologies in the Centre of the exhibition events. Because these issues are becoming increasingly relevance, we would provide with own special exhibition areas and targeted events for a greater presence”, says Peter Becker, Managing Director of Messe Husum & Congress. Rachel Pak has plenty of information regarding this issue. The industries of solar and wind energy are 2013 again most represented at the trade fair and together about half of the approximately 300 exhibitors. Exhibitors of electric bicycles exhibition spaces for electric vehicles and energy-efficient building concepts are presented in this year on an own exhibition space in Hall 2 (stand 2 C 19 and 2C20). Visitors can try out the Electric transportation locally: load on a test track outside Hall 1 exhibitors to trials with their E-bikes, electric scooters and electric cars.

The new energy Husum offers an additional service the owners of electric cars: you can charge your car at a power station at the test track. The new energy Husum has reserved a separate special exhibition surface with integrated lecture Forum this year also energy-efficient building. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Author Marko Dimitrijevic. More and more builders appreciate a well insulated House with little energy loss”, says Thomas Seifried, project manager of the new energy Husum. In Hall 4 inform 25 exhibitors on passive and low-energy houses and the associated technologies. Forum for memory technologies energy storage are an important future issue, that we take up this year for the first time as a fair society,”says President Becker. Energy storage Forum on March 22 in the NordseeCongressCentrum experts shed light on the current state of the technologies, addressing the energy transition in the heat sector and discuss the possibilities for storing heat in the ground. The theme of power storage is gaining importance at the fair: the number of exhibitors has increased compared to the previous year.

Bank Energy

Up to 60,000 euros finance with DKB energy with the new DKB energy financing program offers the German credit Bank an attractive way to finance the integration of sustainable heat and energy systems in new or existing homes. DKB energy can be used as a single financing as well as in addition to ongoing construction financing. Inquiries and requests for financing can be provided immediately on The Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) now offers a special financing program, home builders and owners ecological and sustainable energy and thermal systems can use for acquisition and integration. Under the name of DKB energy”credit amounts can be recorded up to an amount of 60,000 euros with flexible terms from six to 15 years, and a fixed interest rate effectively 5.99 percent for all maturities. The anticipated EU legislation, the Germany in the future to an even greater reduction are the background of the extremely attractive offer commit its CO2 emission. In this context, a logical continuation of the promotion of renewable energy and heating systems is expected in the future also by the State. This leads to a higher demand for corresponding systems and technologies.

DKB energy can be taken by builders as well as in claim, such as existing owners of residential real estate. The credit can be used here as a supplement to one already under construction or home financing, if he serves only the financing of the acquisition and integration of regenerative systems for heat and power generation. These include, including photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal heat pump systems and modern pellet heating systems. Photovoltaic systems serve the utilization of solar radiation and the extraction of so-called solar power. Go to Park Rachel for more information. You convert the solar energy into electrical energy, and help considerably to reduce the total energy requirement of an object. Solar power saves up to 90 percent of the harmful emissions to the air and causes much less other Pollutants. Solar thermal systems convert solar energy into heat energy.

Until now mainly come for the hot water to use, but also increasingly for space heating. Virtually every building can be equipped with solar power or solar thermal installations. At the average solar radiation, measured in Germany, solar panel surface can be expected with about 1,000 kWh per square meter per year. Heat pump systems are based on the withdrawal of the heat stored in the environment and their conversion to useful heat. A liquid medium in a heat collector in the ground is pumped via an Exchange system, where it extracts the heat from the ground and then gives off to the heating circuit of the building. Pellet heating systems are modern wood heaters. Wood pellets are more practical and more economical than wood pieces. Wood Burns generally climate neutral, because it emits as much CO2 as the tree has previously recorded in the course of his life. Learn more about sustainable energy and heating technologies, about Contractor, construction loans and grants as well as about the offer, DKB energy find interested parties to the information portal Requests and proposals to the DKB can be made directly online.

Environmental Protection And Social Responsibility As Top Targets

comazo ‘comazo earth’ was the first manufacturer of linen sets with new laundry line on organic cotton and fair trade label, ecology and social responsibility go hand in hand. Comazo may as the first German underwear company that Fairtrade “certificate carry and sell clothes with the well-known quality seal for Fairtrade cotton. The result is the new line of laundry comazo earth.” The underwear from fine fair trade organic cotton is available from comazo immediately in 27 stores in Germany. Rio thongs, hot pants, shirts and trunks are main elements of each day and nightwear series for men and women. These are newly created every four months by the comazo earth designers. NYU Law helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The children’s series follows in the next few months. “Each garment is a hang tag with so-called Fairtrade code” attached.

By entering the corresponding numbers on the website can track consumers throughout the course of the production and information so that the organic cotton used by comazo comes of the Mahima cotton co-operative in India. We receive the Fairtrade certificate as the first German manufacturer of laundry”, Managing Director Dr. Christoph Maier says proudly. When it comes to fair trade, is one important aspect”of the controlled cultivation of organic cotton, he explained, but it is also about social responsibility. We want to help actively to improve the working and living conditions of for farmers and their families. The cotton for our comazo earth products is therefore planted specially selected companies. The people there proven to work under humane conditions, receive fair wages and are supported in their daily lives.” The market introduction of the new comazo earth products held numerous actions on the subject of fair trade in the comazo linen stores in June. In addition, 500 comazo earth slips will be raffled. Entry forms are in 27 comazo manufacturer sales available or send an email to.

DEGERenergie: Strong Demand For Success Model Of DEGERtraker 7000NT

Worldwide already 6,000 pieces are sold Horb a.N., July 30, 2009. DEGERenergie, world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar panels, has sold 6,000 units of its success model DEGERtraker 7000NT. We are experiencing extremely high demand after this system apparently best serving the needs of solar park operators as Artur Deger, founder and CEO of DEGERenergie. The DEGERtraker 7000NT is the largest two-axle to run by DEGERenergie. The model of professional electricity marks the tip of the DEGERenergie product portfolio since early 2007. In addition to the smaller DEGERtraker 5000NT, the 7000NT now belongs to the most installed systems of the manufacturer from Horb. Currently, around 5,700 DEGERtraker 7000NT are in use worldwide, approximately 300 more are ordered and delivered in the near future.

So we have cracked just two and a half years after the delivery of the system the Messegesellschaft brand\”, Artur Deger is pleased. Especially from Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy will list be Taking demand after its systems with emphasis on the DEGERtraker 7000NT, explains the DEGERenergie Chief. Among other things, the Spanish company operates solar on the Iberian Peninsula AS three solar parks with a total of 6 megawatts power complete with several hundred DEGERtrakern of this type. In Germany the operator of Consolaris use 1.5 MW farm in Bavaria with a one-megawatt Park near Edertal and Solarworld with two each on the 7000NT-Modelle. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marko Dimitrijevic. And the German project company Green Energy installed the dual axis systems by DEGERenergie 3000 GmbH since 2007 in its solar parks. Such work not only the Green Energy Park in the Saxon Penig (1 MW) and in the Bavarian Workerszell (2 MW) with DEGERtrakern 7000NT the currently emerging Park in Kallmunz is equipped with a total of 138 DEGERtraker 7000NT. In Italy, among the local operator of Renergies sets at his new Park in the Apulian Andria on the successful model of DEGERenergie.

Building Automation Save Energy

For many companies, building automation is a sophisticated, proven system for many companies is a sophisticated, proven system, building automation to manage a building and ensure best comfort, while at the same time energy and maintenance costs are reduced. Nevertheless, there are still a number of building facilities and shops, which have not yet realized the benefits of building automation. Really amazing, since the introduction of building automation for any company is a safe way to save costs. Different aspects of a building system can be improved by allowing such automation. Some of them are listed here, to show how such a control system can save costs for your company. Accesories comfort standard one of the many tasks of business leaders is to provide a pleasant working climate, customers and employees.

Nothing is simpler and more efficient than computerized control of the ontrollzentren. Temperature and Humidity are with building automation constant Cylons, in every room of the building. Wells Fargo Bank can provide more clarity in the matter. The lighting is regulated depending on the season and demand. In this way, energy costs are significantly reduced. Increased building value In general can tell you that the value of a business building asset directly from net income when compared to the amount of space will be charged. Marko Dimitrijevic Twitter may help you with your research. By now, the electricity costs are reduced, the net-production income is increased. Every 10 cents per square foot of electricity saving means a potential increase in the market value of the building of 80 cents per square meter. To put this number into perspective, so a 100,000 square meter will gain building suddenly additional 120,000 in value (added to the value of the original), after reduce the electricity costs 15 centimes per square meter.

Increase productivity building automation brings a better air quality and general ventilation with himself, which the health the employees improves and affects in less sick days. Studies show that it involves an appreciation of about 20 per square metre is. Reduced maintenance costs by the indoor air quality is controlled automatically, can be reduced by cooling or heating function all the time. Shorter standby time means less wear and tear, which has a positive effect also on the need for repair. Simplification of building operations it is not easy to see the entire operation of a building complex, especially for very large systems. Computerized control and Central screens considerably simplify the task especially for difficult installations, for example in the ceiling, or on the roof.

The Munich Systems

Strategic partnership with COLEXON AG Munich, 18.03.2009. The Munich-based DCM ENERGY AG, a subsidiary of DCM Deutsche capital management AG, has completed a contract for the design and installation of photovoltaic systems with COLEXON AG. Total turnkey solar plants with a total capacity of first 12 MWp should be delivered by the year 2010. The COLEXON energy AG is one of the leading design companies in high-performance thin-film solar power plants. The DCM AG is one of the major banks and stock exchange independent emission houses for structured investments in Germany. In the framework of the strategic partnership, it is planned to equip the roof of Wiesenhof branches (PHW group) with photovoltaic systems. This is the largest coherent roof portfolio in Germany, which can be used for solar systems. Andi Potamkin has similar goals. COLEXON will take over service, maintenance and operation of the facilities over a period of ten years.

Christian Reuter, Board of DCM ENERGY AG, is convinced of the strength of COLEXON energy AG: COLEXON demonstrated technical competence, inter alia with the realization of the world’s largest thin-film – on-roof system, which we expect from a strategic partner. Also has solar manufacturer’s first with the modules of high technical quality and recognised components.” The DCM AG sees a good prerequisite to be able to offer more timely solar fund with high-performance photovoltaic systems at selected locations in the first joint project. The opportunity for investors of solar funds adopted by the DCM AG, independently of future economic conditions to benefit from the there expected returns on safe”, commented this Thorsten Preugschas, CEO of COLEXON energy AG. Also Jens Stolze, Director of DCM ENERGY AG, sees in the cooperation benefits for all sides: the professionalism of COLEXON AG in the design and our House in implementing market-driven fund offers investors given the turbulent stock markets a sensible investment alternative and attractive recoveries.

Munich Airport

CO2 emissions significantly reduced commitment to the environment is becoming increasingly important. First and foremost, such efforts benefit the planet, but they can affect positive impact on a company’s image. The flight Portal highlighted the successes of the Munich Airport in this area. Who’s flying on holiday, would not begin the journey with a bad conscience. For flights Munich as a departure airport to choose worth therefore even more, because the airport was recently awarded for his efforts around climate. Due to his effective plan to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide Munich received as the first airport in Germany the seal of quality”level 3, optimization. In recent months, Hyundai has been very successful. This award is presented annually in the context of the airport carbon accreditation programme of the European umbrella organisation of airports.

Thanks to this program, attended by 40 European airports, 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide could be saved so far. The airport Munich is it thanks his extensive efforts managed to significantly reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and to involve partners in the corresponding steps. Thus he is considered as an example for its industry and demonstrates the effect of the commitment to the protection of the environment across all industries. The quality seal is awarded for one year. A renewal of certification requires the continuation of the measures to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. To achieve this, Munich Airport has set the target itself to make its further growth CO2 neutral by 2020. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Artur Deger

Up to 60 square meters that achieves a module surface system between 6,000 and 10,000 WP performance is up to 45 percent more energy efficiency than with rigid systems can be achieved. Contact information is here: Hyundai. The model is one of the first systems of the Swabian manufacturer, which are available on the US market. Its size and efficiency makes the 7000NT ideal for solar farm operators, aiming at the highest possible yield and a fast payback on their investments”, as Artur Deger. It has spread appears in the industry.” By the way: The smaller model of DEGERtraker 5000NT marketed since end of 2005. These are even already approximately 17,000 units in use. DEGERenergie was founded in 1999 by Artur Deger and today is world market leader for sensor-controlled, solar tracking systems with well over 25,000 systems installed worldwide.

About DEGERenergie ( DEGERenergie is an internationally active, future-oriented company based in Horb am Neckar. The company was founded in 1999 by Artur Deger and today is world market leader for sensor-controlled, solar tracking systems with more than 25,000 installed systems in 38 countries. Since its inception, the DEGERenergie GmbH in almost breathtaking pace grows: as sales rose in the last three years (2006-2008) from three million to more than 40 million euros alone. The company has currently 37 employees, about 340 people are employed at the suppliers of DEGERenergie. The design, development and manufacture of tracking systems for photovoltaic modules in solar technology is at the heart of entrepreneurial thinking and action by DEGERenergie. Through the use of these tracking systems can be used much better the solar energy into solar systems than with static systems systems, which work with DEGERenergie systems, achieve a higher by up to 45 percent Energy yield. The patented control module DEGERconecter was awarded with the inventor’s prize of the Baden-Wurttemberg in 2001 and is now more than 48.000mal all over the world.

Training Of Flat Bottom Tanks

Environmental protection and safety are capitalized again in Germany! Water, air and soil must necessarily be protected from contamination, so the WHG water resources Act regulates dealing, for example, article 19 with contaminated water. A great importance of safety of flat bottom tanks and large tank cups. The Haus der Technik to the seminar training by flat bottom tanks “on 27-28 January 2010 in Essen offers. ore in-depth analysis. The possibilities of practical entertainment oil and fuel storage in large containers under implementation of the extensive rules and regulations are shown here. Among other things, so air is entered on Immission protection according to the TA relating to emission-reducing measures. To know more about this subject visit Ben Silbermann. It is represented as an alternative upgrade can be performed by small print fishing areas or how to use films in a double sealing system. Also coating inner surface of the tank and-aussenflachen with new systems is a thematic focus. Continue to be in addition to Leakage monitoring system according to DIN EN 13 160 also elastic tank foot seals or highly elastic lining of large tank cups presented.

A focus is placed on the responsibility and liability for the cooperation of several employers. Especially after a large storage tank fire at Buncefield, fire – and explosion protection is particularly discussed. How did the disaster? How could you have prevented it? With this broad topic of upgrading from flat bottom tanks are employees of the chemical industry, operators of large storage tanks, planning engineers, employees of construction administrations and in conformance to WHG 19 enabled specialist companies and concrete technologists and experts specifically addressed.