The Pope

The days leading up to the Pope’s visit have been intense and busy days between critics and defenders of the same and my humble understanding I have to assume that all those who do not support the visit of Mr. Ratzinger to Spain, nor support the institution that imposes it on us, i.e. the Conference episcopal and ultimately to the Catholic Church; However, I have my doubts. Not only in the cities of Santiago and Barcelona, they can see protests everywhere, in others many parts of Spain, in the press and especially on the Internet I found many forums with much criticism and much sarcasm and much we must see! So I have no choice but to respectfully ask all those protesters, who complain, which mobilized campaigns against the Church and the Pope: ye have apostatized?, do ye have enshrined in writing your resignation and that will not be more vassals of this Envoy of God knows who? do you put explicitly in your tax declarations that do not want to feed into this black hole called Church Vatican and Roman Catholic? are your children baptized? have you married by the Church? you’ve waived to communion and confirmation? If the answer is NO, then as much as you protesteis, you still remain Catholics, with everything that that implies. What blame you then to the one who dominates you, which holds your criticisms because he knows that why do not you go, that you do not resultais much less dangerous or annoying? Ye are real wrestlers, you truly are revolutionaries or these comments that you only write you serve as a relief because being anonymous nobody learns and can kicking to taste? Who wants really do something against those who have used the name of Jesus to build a multimillion-dollar empire, apostate. That is what most frightens the institution called Church, while you both still formed part of their ranks and that is an economic benefit for them. I am apostate, i.e. am heretic thank God.

And I have not done my vassal of this child tyrant. As the song says: the ghosts are nothing if you take them the Savannah. The Vatican is a House of cards, keeps it in foot fear, ignorance and also not wanting to be involved those who having clear protest, but then return to their affairs as part of the mass that not going to mass, but that neither resigns, that protest but that baptizes his children, that criticizes the priests, but santigua to a church. Dude, or you’re inside or you are outside, but inside and outside at the same time, it is impossible, think about it. I luckily long been clear to me that you can be Christian without joining the Church, moreover, if you want to be a good Christian abandon it as soon as possible, because it is not true what they say priests, with only one not enough faith!. Ana Saez 45.271.