Carpenter Consulting

HMI: Hamburg February 2011 convinced test customers of the WDR from HMI consulting concept. “A test advice from staff of the TV channel WDR proves it: the financial compass” the HMI allows for a transparent and target-oriented advice in matters of pensions. The examiners were convinced expressly by the assistance of Lukas Zimmermann, HMI Agency Chief in Cologne, Germany. The HMI consultants cut better from than many other brokers. The financial compass”the HMI is a fact which recently also journalists of the WDR have officially confirmed a success model. For the broadcast on November 17, 2010 edition of the TV broadcast service time”employee of the television station tested the expertise of intermediaries including a financial experts of the HMI inbound. While two of the journalists were undercover each”as young, unmarried couple mid-twenties, that wants to invest income 100 euro per person at 2,000 euros each in an additional retirement savings. Check out Wells Fargo Bank for additional information.

The team of the transmitter tested this the quality of the advice as well as the proposed product. The conclusion of service time”about the consulting services of HMI was positive. Test customers of of WDR mainly from financial compass consulting concept were obviously”(Amos) convinced the consultants of the HMI practice for years. “” The Auditors responded with encouragement on the consulting practice of Lukas Zimmermann, a young agency holder of the HMI from Cologne: respect for your good services “, the feedback of the WDR, not surprisingly was that the financial professional of the HMI with its strict orientation to the principles of the financial compass” could honestly earn. “Instead of on-the-fly products off the shelf” for sale, Lukas Zimmermann recorded during the ninety first conversation with two test clients first whose personal life situation. During the subsequent discussion, Zimmermann presented then specific to the respective customer profiles right product – and solution proposals. Perhaps check out Suna Said for more information. The financial compass”proved it to Experience of Zimmermann as the main consultation instrument that creates transparency and enables a direct path to individual, sustainable product solutions.

The customers of the HMI consulting talent appreciate this service. So Carpenter concludes: it is important to many customers who sign us back if they feel good and comprehensive advice. You appreciate that.