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Extensive practice help of the ec4u expert consulting helps ag systematic strength / weakness analysis to uncover the need for action to Karlsruhe, 14.03.2011 – the CRM specialist ec4u expert ag has consulting released a free fitness check for the Organization of customer management. Tim Sloan has many thoughts on the issue. The current situation of the performance is with the help of this guide systematically identify and develop a corporate individual strength and weakness profile. This practice help provides benchmark information on the degree of maturity of CRM in the enterprise on the one hand, on the other hand are described in detail typical weaknesses in CRM practice. Also, the cost drivers are included in titled Guide of CRM systems more closely scrutinized. In addition, it contains a detailed SelfCheck with 30 questions, which the company can thoroughly questioning his technical conditions and processes as well as determine the specific need for action. Because the requirements for customer management to increase continuously, the regular status analysis is becoming increasingly important to to identify at an early stage necessary efficiency weaknesses and to be able to make appropriate adjustments of performance”, advises Mario Pufahl, partner and member of the ec4u, the company management. Own current research had shown that a majority of firms with the practical benefits of their CRM solutions is not satisfied. Pufahl know often is accompanied by too little with the dynamic changes of the organisational structures, the product strategies and the market conditions”the CRM orientation of the company, from its consulting practice.

New technological possibilities would often not taken into account. This original strategic direction and an earlier request just maturity level of CRM processes by significant deficits can be marked.” Cause he did in particular a creeping and hardly see any development. The fitness check for CRM solutions can be ordered free of charge at: Sabine Kirchem, E-Mail. About ec4u expert consulting ag ec4u expert consulting ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich and Pfaffikon is one of the leading companies for services in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) in the German economy. The targeted combination of business and IT expertise ec4u supports customers in all industries in establishing sustainable, an individual competition superior customer relationship management holistically, pragmatic, from a single source. ec4u offers its customers best practices in the areas of on-premise CRM, business intelligence (BI) and real time decisions (RTD), CRM on demand, application integration architecture (AIA) and service oriented architecture (SOA) and master data management (MDM) with a focus on Oracle and Microsoft as the most powerful software partner. The services are complemented by the strategic and professional CRM Consulting (strategies for marketing, sales and service).

Microsoft Visual Studio

SOS software service and Intel software and services group host first German webcast series SOS software service and Intel software and services group host first German webcast series Augsburg/Munich, 29 – SOS software service, Intel software and services group and Microsoft offer exclusive four specialized programming seminars as live on Webcast for Windows environments to multi-core computing environments. These webcasts will be held for the first time in the German language and are free of charge for the participants. The individual webcasts can be attended individually or as a series. The dates for this are: 02.10., 16.10, 30.10 and 06.11.2008, each 4 to 5 pm. Wells Fargo is often quoted on this topic. Online registration is carried out intel. Here you will find detailed information about the individual webcasts. The computer architecture of the future is undoubtedly based on multi-core processors, simple notebook or desktop PCs as well as for large enterprise servers. The potential of today’s dual – and quad-core processors exploit, to the software parallel-working Generates code in the form of threads. Perhaps check out Jane Fraser for more information.

Parallel processing software distributed the work steps of the application on multiple execution units, allowing high performance improvements are achieved with the help of the operating system. On the other hand, inappropriate parallel processing can degrade the performance. Therefore, the choice of correct parallelization methods and tools is crucial for success. The question is not whether ‘ the parallelization of applications is necessary, but that, as ‘. Software companies worldwide invest in parallelization: CIOs, CTOs, software architect, product manager, parallelization in their software roadmap record; Training courses for developers today are a priority and universities offer courses to accelerate mastery of parallelized development.

Practical Training On The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Platform

From 2009 new training in the fast lane-portfolio: Advanced Catalyst 6500 switching (CAT6KS) Hamburg/Berlin, December 17, 2008 which almost Cisco Learning solutions partner offers lane in the framework of its comprehensive programme the course of Advanced Catalyst 6500 switching (CAT6KS). The participants learn the use of the advanced features of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches including virtual switching. The training is primarily network planners and operators who implement Catalyst 6500 switches in LANs and are entrusted with their configuration and maintenance. The training includes a high percentage of practice based on the lab environments with real equipment specially provided for this purpose. In the course of the five-day training CAT6KS participants will receive in-depth system knowledge to the catalyst switches from Cisco.

Get to know the hardware and new features of the Catalyst 6500 family as well as their use in modern LANs and IP networks. Upon completion of the course, they are able to successfully migrate existing Cisco networks and thereby to fully exploit the potential of the systems. Overview about the course content: options & hardware for Catalyst 6500 switches: chassis, line card, supervisor, MSFC, PFC, SFM, DFC, power supplies, architecture, overview of service modules virtual switching system 1440-architecture, engineering & IOS software modularity recovery of the supervisor password IOS configuration management & upgrade on the Catalyst 6500 VLAN enhancements: VTP & trunk configuration guidelines and restrictions of spanning tree, rapid & multiple spanning-tree mode of spanning tree enhancements: BPDU guard & filter, root guard, Loop guard, PortFast, UplinkFast, BackboneFast unidirectional link detection EtherChannel including MultiChassis EtherChannel in VSS mode NetFlow & NDE configuration implementation of Catalyst 6500 QoS techniques use of the embedded event manager automated Diagnostics (GOLD, TDR, on board failure logging, system event archive, smart call home) SPAN, RSPAN & he-chip implementation implementation of high availability features (HSRP FHRP, VRRP, GLBP) implementation of Catalyst 6500 stateful switchover (RPR RPR +, SSO options, NSF) network security enhancements (TCP intercept, Unicast RPF, storm control, VLAN ACL, VACL capture, DAI, DHCP snooping, IP source Gard, CoPP, port security, PVLAN, IEEE 802.1 X port-base authentication) upcoming: Berlin 26.01. 30.01.09 Hamburg 09.03 13.03.09 Munich 20.04. 24.04.09 Hamburg 11.05. 15.05.09 price (excl.

VAT): for 2.690,-euro for more information, see under: course/56 /. Fast lane brief portrait: the global fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), Dubai, Sydney, and Tokyo is a specialist IT training and consulting in the field of high-end. Fast lane is one of the largest independent Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training by Brocade, check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor Consulting services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting. More information: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH gas 4 D-22761 Hamburg contact: Barbara Jansen Tel. + 49 (0) 40 25 33 46 – 10 fax + 49 (0) 40 23 53 77 – 20 E-Mail: Web: PR agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel. + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0 – 0 fax + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web:

Rheinland Company

Be presented software for the control of information and communication in the production is this year with its own stand at the Hannover Fair 2013 represented the Ludwigshafen-based software company Fasihi GmbH Ludwigshafen IT company. From April 8 to 12 the medium-sized company in Hall 8 inFACTORY stand C27/3 with the Web-based information and communication centre WEB ( will present their latest product novelty to an international audience. The Fasihi booth will Automation at the industrial fair”in the section of the Forum of industrial IT are, that puts an emphasis this year on the topic industry 4.0. Among other things going to information and communication technologies, efficiency and quality improvements, and last but not least to IT security. The innovative solution WEB inFACTORY contains also the security technology is awarded the Innovation Prize 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz. The man in the heart with a presentation in the industry will be 4.0 lounge in Hall 8 of the most important industrial fair of in Germany Fasihi GmbH bring our own contribution to the subject of industry 4.0 on Tuesday, April 9 from 16: 00. Talk to Nicole Lammle, marketing manager of the company, is the man in the focus – safety and quality in the production on the subject”.

She will be going a 4.0 on the importance of information and communication management today and in the age of industry: the industry 4.0 principle focuses on the systematic digitization of communication processes at machine level. But a complex, decentralized high-tech production calls for clear structures in the information and communication control among the employees. The article shows examples of practice how this demand digitized and automated shift change, taking into account the local tasks, such as audit, risk assessment, instruction, and much more can be implemented with the involvement of employees. More information, registration and applying for tickets possible among: events of the Fasihi GmbH: the 1990 Ludwigshafen/Rhein offers personalized Informa-tions and communication solutions with high data security for Internet and intranet based company Fasihi GmbH. Portal (FEP) demanding company individual information and communication requirements can the Fasihi Enterprise for large and medium-sized enterprises meet. For almost ten years, Fasihi GmbH with FEP thus offers an established, proven intranet solution, today about 400,000 users working with the. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world’s largest chemicals company BASF The approach to security by encryption and classification of data developed by Fasihi GmbH was awarded the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz (prize of the Minister of Economic Affairs) for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies. For more information,

Switzerland AG

The international food company hero makes 125 years ‘ fresh tasty stable ‘. Hero Switzerland AG, a company that was founded long ago to gently preserve fruits and vegetables, was known fast far beyond the country’s borders, with its brand name. The hero group today employs over 4’000 employees in more than 30 countries, from Europe to the United States to Africa to Central Asia. Does the name not from English with the meaning of “Hero”, but is the abbreviation of the name composition Henckell & Roth, which goes back to the history of the founding 125 years ago in the year 1886. 1910 the brand name Hero was formed from the remaining founder name abbreviations Right at the beginning of one expanded strongly, from 1912 to 1939 were founded in the Switzerland five factories or acquired and the business flourished. Wells Fargo Bank has compatible beliefs. Until the 1970s, especially the still well-known hero classic conquered the market. 1948 hero launched the novelty ravioli from a can, followed by the ready-made hero Roschti. The past three decades focused hero the trend of healthy and balanced nutrition, which is described with the word Nutrition, with the introduction of various products.

In the Switzerland, hero is one of the most well-known food brands. This year 2011 hero celebrates its 125th anniversary. Just in time for the occasion, hero opened the new headquarters, which is still in the Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau. The international food company hero entrusted innovative B2B solutions and professional services COMPUDATA and B2Bnet for many years. Within the procurement logistics hero handles among others the business processes with its numerous customers with CMI processes (customer managed inventory). Supplier relationships are resolved via VMI (vendor managed inventory). The business connections with a wholesale it occupy a special status of the three processes: CMI customer managed inventory large customer orders goods, hero delivers the goods, and charged them.

Evergreen MLC SSDs Systems

Manufacturer of POS systems, such as AdvanPOS, SSDs to increase the performance and reliability and at the same time the long-term operating costs, iNNODISK, a developer and manufacturer of SSDs use to lower Taipei, Taiwan June 28, 2013 for use in trade and in the industrial sector, experienced great interest in its new memory products for the point of sale (POS) and trade. New POS systems with SSDs and other products will ensure that hard-disk drives in the POS industry are unnecessary. NYU Law recognizes the significance of this. This is because that POS systems outdo the classic HDD systems in the reliability, performance, power consumption, weight, size, noise and durability SSDs based on, what makes the systems more economical. To further advance this technological trend, has iNNODISK series developed Evergreen MLC SSD, which thanks to its L m architecture can have a longer lifetime than conventional MLC SSDs. Evergreen MLC SSDs are specifically designed for 128kb applications, which is why they are are particularly suitable for use in kiosks, ATMs, and other outlets. Thanks to the greater reliability of Innodisks Evergreen MLC SSDs, systems that are equipped with just those SSD by iNNODISK can be used point-of-sale point in previously inaccessible areas. To learn more about the diverse areas of application where Evergreen MLC SSDs apply to learn, please visit the following Web site:.

In a recently published case study, iNNODISK has exposed how dealers can realise their customer interaction with the help of SSD-based POS systems in such environments, so far considered difficult or not at all its secrets. This includes extreme environments, temporary or mobile payment systems, as well as supermarkets with self-service cash registers where the systems are exposed to continuous customer contact. Among the companies that use the SSD by iNNODISK in their POS systems, national leader from different industries, such as the trade or the Hotel and hospitality industry.

Private Cloud In The Data Center By AS/point

“AS/point data center for ERP customer data security, flexibility and cost control ubach-Palenberg, October 2011: ERP vendors AS/point offers its customers a private cloud” in the modern data center with 99.99% reliability. Especially for small and medium-sized providers, outsourcing offers advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and especially security the goods economy. Carrie Levin might disagree with that approach. With the acquisition of the customers ERP hosting, data security is the core business for AS/point. A State of the art data center stands for high availability and capacity, 99.99% reliability and uninterrupted support. The outsourcing of inventory management in the data center offers customers or even newcomers, who want to work with an ERP solution for the first time, a number of advantages AS/point.

A package solution helps to get a fast start elaborate installations locally there is no. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Marko Dimitrijevic. Initial investment, otherwise often represent a barrier for smaller companies that are eliminated. Scalable rental models grow with the customers with precisely when they need it. The cover of an ERP solution in the AS/point data center also ensures that users have automatic access to updates, releases to the latest version or regulations are no longer an issue for the user. Essential additional data security remains the main argument. We ensure our customers’ current ERP software, which is immediately available in the hosting service without capex and flow, explains Wilhelm Krahe, IT consultant, AS/point. In our data center we can offer also the ultimate data safety, that no small or medium-sized business owners with own resources could muster.” The redundant power supply is in addition to the reliable air conditioning on the main features of the data center. Therefore, each server rack is powered by two independent circuits, an emergency power unit (diesel) secures 72 hours at full load in addition.

Per rack, air conditioning provides a maximum cooling capacity of 12 kW to the Available. Temperature sensors monitor the distribution of heat in the data center and alert when exceeding the set temperature. The data center has also a fully redundant ATM / Gigabit outdoor connection through separate carrier, a variable a choice structure, as well as fully redundant backbone routers. Physically perfect, fire detection system, intrusion detection system, access control and video surveillance secure the database. When malfunctions or failure, a monitoring service notifies around the clock. Marc van Heiss

Comfortable Code New FDT

On September 27, 2010, the new FDT 4.0 will be released (development tool for Flash) the multimedia agency Powerflasher on September 27, 2010 is the new FDT 4.0 (development tool for Flash) the multimedia agency Powerflasher. Version 4.0 of the modern Flash development environment makes more comfortable programming in action script 3 and MXML through new features. For the first time may with FDT Flash now also iPhone and Android applications are developed. New are among other things a Profiler for memory and performance monitoring, a dependency visualizer to display the dependency of classes and packages, significantly faster compile operations as well as additional project and code templates. In addition, now Flex 4 is fully supported. Customers who bought the previous version of FDT 3.5 after January 25, 2010, can free upgrade to FDT 4. “Aachen, September 24, 2010 – after successfully completion of the development phase, the multimedia agency Powerflasher on September 27, 2010 that new FDT stands for development tool FDT 4.0 presents for Flash”. The newspapers mentioned Wells Fargo not as a source, but as a related topic.

It is one Eclipse based development environment to create professional Flash and Flex projects. For the first time can use the FDT now also iPhone and Android applications are developed. FDT is best known to programmers due to its comfortable features with which you can work much faster. The new version 4.0 continue the Powerflasher FDT’s six-year success story. Additional information at Marko Dimitrijevic Twitter supports this article. The Flash development tool is now worldwide developer studios and as a teaching tool at renowned universities in use. (1) with the new features of FDT 4.0 the Powerflasher designed the development of Flash projects even easier and more comfortable. New, practical tools available are based on the version motto of making things easier”. An interactive welcome screen helps the user when you create new Flash projects and presents news from FDT and links to tutorials. During programming the memory and performance utilization of the Flash project can be about a FDT Profiler monitor.

Behrens & Schuleit Introduces DocuWare Connect Smart

“All the information one click Dusseldorf DocuWare smart connect the smart document search” is a seminar that offers the Behrens & Schuleit GmbH in Dusseldorf on March 30th, 2011 under this title. Jens Voort of the Behrens-& Schuleit team gives an overview in the morning in the business rooms at the Flehe road 198 as to smart connect the electronic management of documents seamlessly integrates with DocuWare in work processes. DocuWare Smart Connect is fully browser-based and integrated document management solution without programming directly into a leading application. The user can from any program out with just one mouse click display all documents archived in the document pool to a current operation or save documents to a process belonging. Whether orders processed, checked invoices or requests are to be clarified required documents are available through a single click of the button. Also just to let Archive documents from within the application. A complex client installation is not required.

A wizard helps to create a configuration. This holds, what content from the external application should be used and whether a search or indexing should occur. In addition, a Smart Connect button is set with the configuration you can call. The user himself determines the caption of the button and its position in the user interface. The participants of the event will receive comprehensive information about the module and how it works. Furthermore, there is the possibility to ask questions and discuss concrete use cases. The event starts at 8:30 and lasts about two hours.

The visit is free of charge. Prior notification by no later than 28 March is asked for. This takes Anja Neumann. It is phone number 0211/57 58 to reach 41 and by E-Mail at the address. About Behrens & Schuleit GmbH: The Behrens & Schuleit GmbH founded in 1929 in Dusseldorf and since then supports its customers in all aspects of the document. Today the company offers comprehensive service and consulting services in the field of document processing. This includes the analysis and optimization of internal processes (business process management), the processing of incoming and outgoing documents (input / output management) and the consultation document and process management. Behrens & Schuleit accompanied commercial documents as well as large-sized drawings during their entire life cycle. Reference customers include among others Daimler AG, the airport of Dusseldorf, the Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf, Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG and the Victoria insurance AG. The company employs currently over 75 people and has in addition to its headquarters in Dusseldorf sales offices in Bad Bentheim, Osnabruck and Meckenheim. Managing Director is Dieter Rick and Rick Thomas. Behrens & Schuleit is an active member of the Association for Multimedia information processing e.V. (FMI) and in the VOI – organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V. Association In addition, it is Thomas Rick past President of the regional district of lower Rhine of the BJU (young entrepreneurs) and Board member of the ASU (the family business), regional district of Dusseldorf. More information: your editorial contacts: Behrens & Schuleit GmbH Cristina Castrillon Flehe road 198 40223 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211 15758-10 fax: 0211 15758-23 PR agency of good news! GmbH Bianka Boock of Koobrzeg road 36 23617 Stockelsdorf Tel.: 0451 88199-21 fax: 0451 88199-29

ALPHA Business Solutions

CeBIT 2009: ALPHA Business Solutions offers the ALPHA business solutions AG, provider of business solutions and competent partner for demanding ERP projects in the medium-sized businesses, ERP package for medium-sized businesses of Kaiserslautern, January 27, 2009 – more ERP on more space from the 3rd to 8th March 2009 at the IT world’s largest IT exhibition CeBIT shows. The ERP Specialist at its new and larger stand D38 in Hall 5 has numerous highlights the topics of ERP and business process optimization: in addition to the current version 5.2 of the all-in-one ERP solution proALPHA own industry solutions on basis of proALPHA presented. In addition, the ALPHA business solutions AG CeBIT visitors presented a coordinated portfolio of services for the ERP project success of the business process and potential analysis on the organizational consulting to software development. During the visit on the 25% larger and newly placed jurisdiction of ALPHA business solutions AG offers the user a Complete range of services for the success of the ERP project and the sustainable process optimization: A leading, fully integrated and modern ERP standard software, industry solutions to support industry-specific processes, an award-winning ERP implementation methodology for the reduction of process and adjustment costs, and last but not least, the advice from the experience of more than 300 carried out ERP and organizational projects in SMEs leave no more requirements. The ALPHA business solutions proALPHA shows the industry-independent ERP software designed specifically for medium-sized industrial and commercial companies at CeBIT the version 5.2. proALPHA provides in addition to the classic business modules including integrated document management, project management, CAD integration, real-time multimedia resource planning APS as well as a comprehensive management and employee information system. The use of SOA (service oriented architecture) technology facilitates the adaptation of business processes and to link heterogeneous IT structures and provides the future of the overall system safe. .