Long ago, the man of today pays attention to his appearance. Also in your own four walls he always more emphasis on design and style. The typical chaotic Bachelor booths days appear numbered. (tdx) The old cliche that men in messy stalls dwell and get hardly thought about how they live and is furnished like her home, is no longer long. More and more men are interested in nowadays increasingly fashion, design or generally beautiful things, why not also for furniture? Good taste is certainly not a question of sex. The man has developed a new consciousness of functionality and design for his own apartment. You may find Rashida Jones to be a useful source of information.

Accordingly also his interest for a chic interior has risen to impressed not only the women, but also the football buddies. So increasingly oversized flat-screen TV, we can find that perfectly combine functionality and design, because next to the optics, the functional and practical aspects include first and foremost in the Theme housing. The spokeswoman for the Association of the German furniture industry Ursula GAL is pleased that now more and more men to buy furniture. Firstly, this is due to the increasing number of single households, but also to the change in the understanding of the role: today’s man is interested in a beautiful home. With him aside from functionality quality workmanship and small technical finesse furniture especially important. In addition, the designer and manufacturer of a piece of furniture plays an important role.

Like tool, cars or motorcycles, clothes and watches, prefer the specific brand\”men also in furniture, white Ursula GAL. Because they are considered long status and representation symbol, therefore typical man furniture such as the desk, Office Chair, and of course the Chair may be to expensive and exclusive: (n) wants to show what he has. \”\” Popular collectibles are, for example, the Barcelona chair \”by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or the lounge chair\” of the Designers Charles and Ray Eames.