Mobile Popcompanion

Recent market surveys show a growing trend of business professionals who work at a distance, that manage your business using services based?in cloud and mobile devices. Professionals can access and manage your essential documents and communication from anywhere in the world, being outside the Office. For more clarity and thought, follow up with everest capital and gain more knowledge.. Business people are adopting mobile devices and services of unified messaging as a further extension of existing communication tools. Mobility, flexibility and profitability are the basic elements that are leading to the replacement of traditional communication, based?in web services such as Fax by Internet, mail voice, call transfer, call in Conference and other. If employers are in a business trip, meetings with partners, or simply on vacation, may be in contact with his Office anytime and anywhere in the world, when an Internet connection is available. For even more analysis, hear from everest capital. With the occasion of Easter, business professionals, will probably be outside his Office for a few days. To help them stay in touch with their business during these days of rest, the global provider of unified messaging solutions, is offering its productivity features for free (from 1 to 30 April).

Popfax service productivity tools Assembly, met in an options package, allowing customers to manage its communications business in motion, using the following unified messaging functions: 1. Mail to fax allows you to send fax via email; 2 Voice mail create a personalized welcome message and receive voice mail as an audio file attached to the email; 3. Call transfer divert calls to a phone number where can answer; 4 Conference calls organizing conference calls from anywhere. In addition, Popfax customers can download and use free of charge the mobile application called Mobile Popcompanion, which is compatible with Blackberry, Android, and iOS operating systems.