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The company produces high quality ASUS notebooks since 1997 and during that time has acquired tremendous experience and a reputation as one of the world's top manufacturers of mobile computers. ASUS notebooks are distinguished from many competing products companies is the fact that virtually the entire production cycle of any of the models are made exclusively in the company's ASUS. This means that everything from the design of the notebook design, and maternal boards, branded interfaces, technical innovation – all designed by engineers and designers, ASUS, and is produced at the facilities of the company. The advantages of this integrated approach are obvious: ASUS sensitively and quickly react to new trends in technical progress, regularly updating the product line of laptops, making them more productive, easier and more convenient to use. On our site the range of laptops ASUS;, reviews of different laptop models from the lineup of ASUS, description, photos and specifications Laptop ASUS. All ASUS notebooks is ensured by our 2-year warranty, a list of service centers is very broad and includes not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also many other Russian cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

In addition, each buyer also receives a card of Global Service Member. Having a free registration in this system (through Internet), the user has a laptop ASUS opportunity to apply for warranty service center ASUS worldwide. Modern processors run at increasingly higher operating frequencies and become increasingly hot, even mobile options. In connection with this problem of quality cooling confronts manufacturers of computer systems is becoming more acute. ASUS is using a proprietary technology of their laptops DTD, whose purpose – to isolate hot processor to the other nodes to effectively bring a laptop and the heat from the mobile computer housing.

Smart mechanism of heat transfer simultaneously solves the problem of maximum noise reduction and cooling system energy-saving battery. In practice this means that the frequency of the mobile processor, Intel may vary depending on the computational load (technology Intel SpeedStep), and cooling the processor silent The fan speed increases gradually and only if the temperature of the processor. Along the way it should be noted that the work with a laptop ASUS particularly please those who appreciate the silence. By itself, the laptop without the possibility of to supplement its core capabilities with additional devices and accessories would be incomplete. /’>Harold Ford Jr has to say. The laptop could not provide a full replacement for a desktop computer to any user. However, ASUS, and then proved with Best part: ASUS range of accessories is extensive, they are almost always available on sale, and at affordable prices. One of the hallmarks of all laptops ASUS – is the ability to quickly and simply upgrade the processor. It allows you to protect your investment and prevent the rapid obsolescence of such a device not cheap as a laptop. Easy upgrade of the processor contributes to the fact that ASUS only the processors of the form factor mPGA2. Not all laptop manufacturers use in their models the processors of this type.