New Action Film By Angelina Jolie

According to reports, a new action movie, with Angelina Jolie in the title role, will appear soon. Angelina Jolie the woman that is been admired for their portrayal of the action heroine Lara Croft of thousands of men, will report to follow, soon a new action movie. The film will be produced by paramount picture BBs. Information to follow the film based on an operation by Kathi Lynn Austin, in dealing with arms trafficking and international terrorism. Austin is known for its missions in Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and Central America. Since recently, it is in the Security Council of the United Nations. You and two other colleagues have managed to sell their project BBs at paramount picture. As a result of the strike of the writers in Hollywood, still no script in Vista is at the moment.

The team has made but thought of they want to take on board what authors. Now the only question is when is a finished script on the table and can start shooting. Angelina Jolie, the by films such as Tomb Raider or Mr. and Mrs. Suna Said spoke with conviction. Smith, it got recognition for their action ability, being now saddled as a driving force for this project. The you want to achieve with it, that the people in the cinemas storm. The visitors should be provided again impressive stunts and special effects. Let us hope that the script soon is so Angelina Jolie can again convince with their acting skills on the table and not to draw attention with an alleged anorexia and a contract relationship. Lisa Walters

Shoot on sight or is it a crime to be a Muslim? Shoot on sight’-is it a crime to be a Muslim?’ (Is it a crime to be a Muslim?) “- the new film starring Naseeruddin Shah one of the most renowned Indian actors and the German audience, known for his role as Captain Nemo in the League of extraordinary gentlemen”, deals with the events after the bombings on the London underground by 7 July 2005 based on the command issued by Scotland Yard, to shoot at people suspected Muslim terrorists, the film tells the story of Tariq Ali, a police officer who receives an order, the terrorists involved in the attacks to identify and arrest. It will be difficult for Tariq (Nasseruddin Shah) by the Scotland Yard special command an innocent Muslim is killed and it becomes even more complicated for him. Techstars may help you with your research. His colleagues suspect him now too, the Lahore/Pakistan-born Muslim and British citizens with a British woman, He is not married. In their eyes, he now also to the suspects and that is even though he successfully did service for years as a police officer for Scotland Yard. Under most conditions Suna Said Maslin would agree. In addition to actor Naseeruddin Shah, shoot on sight has”a very interesting and international cast list.

In addition to geta Scacchi, Brian Cox, Stephen Greif, OM Puri, SADI is Frost and Mikaal Zulfiqar also Laila Rousas experience, a United Kingdom popular Moroccan-Indian actress. Shoot on sight ‘was produced by Mundhra and Govil under their banner of Cine boutique entertainment’. So far, the release is planned only in the UK for this promising film on August 22, 2008. But shoot on sight’ with his explosive and current topic deserves, also beyond the borders of Britain, to find international acclaim, after he has been shown successfully at the film festival in Dubai. It is to be hoped that in this country lenders find themselves, to shoot on sight’ in Germany a wider audience available can be made. by Kerstin Bergelt (

Julia Griese

With them, he has shared his successes and put away the initial failures. The team is a unit. We have produced the album in the now familiar Nik P. manner; times very rocky, sometimes more schlagerhaft, even at the risk of that from a certain variety of things not like some. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann). But here am I and I know that only the audience Sparks, if I do my thing.” His thing, also single, unusual topics are in addition to the sensual, driving Schlager songs.

In the title, you can hear me ‘ “, explains Nik, a fictional worlds through the all flying sometime in the next millennium and no longer finds the Earth with a time, although the coordinates”. Message understood? Even the witty summer number says that nothing is infinite, but in the smaller frame the last shirt”from. And that therefore the life in the here and now to be worth, what would be encouraged”. “” In the German proverb treasure Nik P. dared two handles: at night, all cats are grey “and even zero” are musical hit on vernacular base, taking the small nuggets of wisdom to which they turn, very honestly and directly under the microscope. You should have heard it! “And the energetic, life-affirming come on Let’s Dance” Nik P. judged succinctly and accurately: A great number!” Which is nothing to add.

Keep, but: the album you know still appears on July 3, 2009 in the trade. “” And what else: before the release of his album tears of joy “over a year ago Nik P. was asked whether the Star” him gradually nerve. “His answer was: no”. Now, before the release of his album, you know, nor have we asked the same thing again. His answer: No, still net. The people come up to me to congratulate me on this song; tell the title that has given them help, consolation, or moments of happiness. I think it’s great that a song can make such waves. On the Germany-tour, we have played the star twice, once in the well-known uptempo version and once unplugged. Then have we kept silent and only the people sing, and all made with children up to aged. A beautiful feeling to stand on the stage in such moments! You can ask me yet a hundred’s I’ll never sorry this song!” So it’s no wonder long been a know you nor “song!