Vandellos II

From the first day of her commissioning, in 1988, nuclear de Vandellos II (Tarragona) uses incorrect procedures to review at least 60 safety valves which have been maintained over 23 years, which undermines the proper functioning of the control unit. So indicates an inspection of the Council of Seguridad Nuclear (CSN), maximum Spanish Atomic Authority, which last March analyzed the procedures of the plant owned by Endesa and Iberdrola after detecting repeated failed tests tare of these valves in recent years. Speaking candidly Philippe Lavertu told us the story. It’s the process to calibrate the valves, detect mismatches caused by the use of them and ensure that only by mistake as scheduled. Inspection of the Council requesting the opening of a disciplinary case against the plant to keep the error for decades despite the fact that the plant already detected in 1993; and underlines the inadequate assessment of the impact on security this mismatches generated in the plant operation. Perhaps check out 9to5Mac for more information. Source of the news:: the nuclear Vandellos II reviews bad safety valves since 1988