If everything is Illusion Because it granted to God such curse to me? If everything is Illusion Says me then My expensive Qohlet Because me the heart aches? If everything is Illusion Says me that nothing valley the penalty Says me that everything is in goes preces Even though of the Conjunct. You say, Qohlet That everything is Illusion and to run behind the wind. Therefore say I you, I envy it to it Freedom I want to run I want to jump I want to trepar Quero to fall In the Illusion Of Alcanar. I say you, Qohlet That torto also straightens Or forgot that all the Life Is born in spiral, Either Man Plant Or Animal? I say you, Qohlet That also the defective one If can complete God created the certainty But also defective and the alone one fails Who tries to make right. You know the eternity of the heart But you did not feel Therefore yours to know Esterilizou to it your emotion. For thinking excessively it does not check the life That all the day For your hands drained.

You do not see, Qohlet That the words Never are spent Because the Life Says another language Every day? You do not see That the Word Is God and the Sound is the Love? The life is not an ungrateful task That God gave to the men he oppresses and them. How pods such to say? The life is Gratitude, God never would oppress the workmanship of its Creation. For applying so deep Your heart in the knowledge search and wisdom You forgot the joy it to live of each day. You did not perceive, Qohlet That fighting for knowing Fighting for knowing In the End Runs the risk to leave to see? You do not see, Qohlet That the sea is not fulled With the water of the rivers So that the Man Can to each day Saciar its headquarters Of life? Nor the ear, if Never sacia Qohlet Of the Word, the mouth always wants Of new says it, and of each time she is New.